Email Advent Calendar Day 3: Email Marketing Frequency over Christmas

Posted by Team Enchant on 11/11/15 11:32
Team Enchant

How do you ensure that your email marketing cuts through the clutter during the holiday season? How exactly do marketers get their email marketing frequency right? These are both common questions that our clients frequently ask us, and we hope this blog post will give you some clear guidance to set your frequency.

Here are Enchan'ts 5 tips for optimising your Christmas email Marketing frequency:

There are no rules

Whilst we say that there are no "rules", you'll need a very good reason not to significantly increase your frequency, especially if you're a retail business. Take a look at our pointers here, then define your own solution from the outcome. Don't just follow the crowd.

Do we really need to worry about frequency? 

In short, yes you do! It might be a shock, but some brands increase their frequency from weekly to daily across the holiday period. The reason is simple. It produces results, and it rarely alienates or upsets customers. This is something we strongly encourage you to consider.

Setting your email frequency at Christmas

Start by looking at your vertical / sector behaviour last year. Analyse the number of emails sent per-competitor in October, November, December and January. This will show you how the marketplace behaves at this time of year in general. You will notice that frequency will increase significantly.

Next, test your Christmas email campaign frequency per segment and make sure you measure all relevant metrics - open rate, click-to-open rate, conversions, uniques-per-email sent, conversions-per-email sent. Define these and monitor them closely. And don't forget to monitor unsubscribes and complaints too - this can often be an indicator that you've taken things one step too far.

Should we send email on Christmas day?

Absolutely! Christmas Day has been one of the most successful days for email campaigns across our travel and retail clients. Think about it. Most people have a little chill time during Christmas Day. Sending emails on Christmas Day can be incredibly effective. Try it!

Put customer needs before business goals

It sounds bold, but there's a direct correlation between what you want your customers to do, and what they seek from your brand during the festive period. Increasing email frequency at Christmas is often a good example of this.

Create a customer-first strategy. Always listen to what your subscribers really want - look into your data. The aim is to engage and reward your subscribers, and not to overwhelm them.

This blog is a part of our Advent calendar for email marketers series. Check back tomorrow for our tips on Email Marketing personalisation over Christmas.

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Team Enchant

Written by Team Enchant

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