Email on Acid: Put Your Email Marketing to the Test

Posted by Philip Storey on 15/08/17 14:28
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Campaign testing with Email on Acid

Just to assure you, we at Enchant Agency definitely don’t advocate the use of narcotics! However, Email on Acid is an email marketing testing tool we do recommend dabbling in. It's a modern email testing and optimisation tool, which allows you to render your emails to perfection to suit your brand's audience.

What Email on Acid do?

It's compatible with all major ESPs, such as Campaign Monitor, Mailchimp and Salesforce. Email on Acid tests your email campaigns, identifies formatting and coding errors and gives you previews of your emails across a wide range of apps, platforms, operating systems and devices. What you also get is a range of analytics, plus design improvement and email optimsiation features to help brands send emails which not only look great, but create the desired impact with your subscribers!

Email on Acid email marketing tool

Key benefits

Here are just a few of the key benefits of Email on Acid:
  • Price packages are available to suit all business sizes and typs
  • Comprehensive analytics and in-depth audience and performance measurement
  • Real-time email previews and campaign testing
  • Spam testing feature
  • Mozify emails to combat image blocking
  • Email editor tool

Email on Acid in a nutshell

This great email testing tool takes the fear factor and guesswork out of your email send process. Email on Acid flags up any potential issues, helps you fix them and lets you see your emails through your subscribers’ eyes and devices, ensuring you get your email campaigns right before sending them out! Find out more on Email on Acid's website.

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Philip Storey

Written by Philip Storey

Philip Storey is the Founder and CEO at Enchant Agency. Philip is an email marketing specialist in London, UK. He has enabled hundreds of brands to improve their email marketing. Beyond marketing, Philip is a business coach, personal and professional development coach and mentor to business leaders and senior marketers.

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