Email Best XI: Fundamentals of a Winning Email Marketing Strategy

Posted by Philip Storey on 14/06/18 11:47
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This World Cup is finally here! We've got our Panini sticker album out, the fixture wall-chart is up and we're ready to indulge in a wave of optimism before the inevitable penalty shootout heartbreak. Everyone likes to play at being manager and pick their preferred line-up, so we've decided to pick our best XI for email marketing.

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A winning team needs a safe pair of hands. And in email marketing, it's no different. That's where deliverability comes in.


Your goalkeeper protects your team and deliverability protects your goals. With shaky deliverability, all your good work can be undone. Let deliverability tools, like Delivery Index from eDataSource, help you ensure everything is in working order. Delivery Index monitors your IP and domain reputation, measures you email campaign deliverability and helps businesses to identify problems and fix issues.   

Sorry Joe Hart, we can't afford any calamities. Hopefully, Jordan Pickford can provide the safe hands between the sticks in Russia!


As the old football cliche goes, "defence is the best form of attack". You need some steady heads at the back, plus you need them to effectively turn defence into attack. Here are 3 email marketing defenders to keep things tight. 


Our rock at the back is optimisation. A great email strategy and flashy design features will be undermined if your campaigns are not optimised for all key devices. Optimisation tools, like Litmus, represent your archetypal no-nonsense Tony Adams or Jamie Carragher. Or, perhaps, Gary Cahill in the current England squad.

Litmus helps ensure that your emails are mobile-optimised and render properly on all the different user devices, so campaigns can achieve maximum impact.

Compelling email copy

Another pillar in a steady backline for email marketing is your copywriting. Crafting engaging and compelling email copy is crucial for keeping recipients interested and driving them towards your calls to action. 

Whether your emails are short and sweet or more information-based, finding the optimal amount of text is key to engagement and click-throughs. Make sure your copywriting packs a punch, full of persuasion tactics and intrigue. And good email typography can enhance the visual impact of your headers. 

Customer-centric strategy

The final spot in the centre of defence is a customer-centric strategy. At Enchant, we're a strong advocate of lifecycle marketing. We know that it's important to put the customer first and create relevant email campaigns for every stage of the customer lifecycle.

From a helpful welcome series and loyalty campaigns, through to retention and reengagement campaigns, email marketing is all about nurturing customer relationships.

Learn more about mapping out the customer lifecycle for email marketing: How to Revolutionise Your Customer Lifecycle with Email Marketing.


Gareth Southgate has gone for wing-backs in his England system and who are we to argue? He's surprised a fair few people by putting Kyle Walker in a his back three, allowing him to accommodate Kieran Trippier. So, let's see who we've picked at wing-back in our Email Best XI...

Split testing

Where Trippier shines for England is in his quality delivery into the box. That takes a lot of practice, perseverance and different approaches. The same goes for split testing.

Organising your campaigns and testing all the key elements takes time, planning and intuition. Practice makes perfect. And when your tests yield meaningful results, keep sending these tactics into the (in)box!

Enchant CEO Philip Storey has created a handy planner tool for creating effective split tests for email. Get his free Email Marketing Split Testing Planner here

Visually-engaging images

In the other wing-back position is another key player for delivering effective email marketing campaigns. That spot is taken by visually-engaging images. Visual impact is so important these days, especially as user attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. 

Powerful email images grab subscribers' attention straightaway and encourage them to engage with the rest of the email. Ensure your images are relevant and look great. 


Creativity is required in every great team. In Enchant's email markeitng team, we have bags of creativity. England may not have an David Silva, a Kevin De Bruyne or a Cristian Eriksen. But we've got Alli...Dele Alli...

Email design

Great email design is crucial. Yes, the content within your emails is the most important thing, but you also need flair. A showboating, nutmegging crowd-pleaser. Whether it's using the right email tools and platforms to make your email campaigns look awesome or innovative HTML coding, email design enhances your message.

Check our the latest email deign trends in our blog: 3 Email Marketing Design Trends for 2018.

Subject lines

Another flair player in our email team is subject lines. If you want to stand out and entertain the punters, you need to give them what they want. Email subject lines serve to win over the crowd. Give the subscribers a reason to open your emails. Convince them with your copywriting skills, persuasion tactics and even emojis.

Our email experts have compiled a handy guide to crafting subject lines that convert: The Ultimate Guide to Writing Email Marketing Subject Lines.

Calls to action

An all-out creative midfield is a risk. You need a water-carrier, someone who keeps things simple but effective. Eric Dier or Jordan Henderson in England's case. In our email marketing XI, we're choosing calls to action as our reliable figure in the midfield.

CTAs are a key element in every successful email marketing campaign, as click-throughs lead to potential conversions and sales. Pay attention to your calls to action, making sure that they're visually-engaging, relevant, compelling and, most importantly, that they work! If your CTAs don't lead subscribers to the right destinations and landing pages, you'll damage your conversion rate and reputation.


Every great team needs goals in their line-up and players to convert the chances created. The same goes for your email marketing strategy. Like England's very own goal-machine and captain, Harry Kane. We're playing two up top in Enchant's Email Best XI.


Harry is the target man. And targeting is exactly what email marketers must master to increase conversion rate. Segmenting your email marketing lists and setting up automated triggers, helps brands to send the right emails to right subscribers, at the right time. Harry Kane, like Lineker in his heyday, is more often than not the man in the right place at the right time.

Here are a couple of handy resources to inspire your list segmentation and automation campaigns:

Dynamic content

Talking of timely emails. There are a range of great dynamic content tools available to email marketers, all offering a bag of tricks to entice and convert customers. A greater level of data and advanced technology available to brands now, means a greater level of innovation can be achieved in email marketing.

From geotargeting and live content to countdown timers and personalised offers, dynamic content drives more relevant and persuasive emails to subscribers, convincing them to convert and engage with your brand content.

Here are 5 of the best dynamic email tools for email marketers: 5 of the Best Dynamic Email Marketing Tools.

The manager

Like every team in the World Cup needs a great manager, your email marketing strategy does too. Have you got the right email marketing platform in place to manage your emails?

Your ESP

No, not "Espania", we're talking about your email service provider! There is no one-size-fits-all platform solution for businesses. Each ESP offers different benefits and suitability criteria, so it's all about what your key requirements are. Some providers boast powerful automation capabilities, others cater for marketing teams with limited technical expertise (offering drag and drop design features or testing functionality).

We outline our favourite email service providers in the following blog, outlining their key benefits and differentiators: Enchant's Top 5 ESPs: Great Platforms to Drive Your Email Marketing Campaigns.

Summary: Don't forget the fans

Remember, football is all about the fans. Without the fans, you have no game. The World Cup enthralls millions of fans and the same goes for email marketing. Put your customers first and utilise all these key elements of a winning email strategy, and you'll be well on the way to email marketing glory!

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Philip Storey

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Philip Storey is the Founder and CEO at Enchant Agency. Philip is an email marketing specialist in London, UK. He has enabled hundreds of brands to improve their email marketing. Beyond marketing, Philip is a business coach, personal and professional development coach and mentor to business leaders and senior marketers.

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