Econsultancy's Email Marketing Census 2017: Key Findings, Trends and Insights from Industry Experts

Posted by Team Enchant on 24/04/17 16:26
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Econsultancy email marketing industry census 2017

Email marketers, be excited and get informed  Econsultancy's Email Census 2017 has arrived! Econsultancy's annual Email Marketing Industry Census – now in its 11th year – is an extensive report on the state of email marketing, which includes key statistics, trends and takeaways from the largest UK survey of email marketers. 

Published in partnership with Adestra, Econsultancy's 2017 edition of the Email Marketing Census surveyed over 1000 marketers and contains insights, opinions and predictions from top industry experts and thought leaders, such as Jordie van Rijn, DMA's Chris Combemale and our very own founder and CEO, Philip Storey. 

The 80-page report explores key topics within the email marketing industry, such as marketing automation, personalisation, analytics, optimisation and even the impact of Brexit on the industry and data protection rules. It's an invaluable resource for anyone using or looking to use email marketing to help grow their business, providing a rich source of data and insights for building strategies and benchmarking against competitors and other marketers.

Here's a snapshot of some insightful quotes from Philip Storey on a range of topics from the Email Census report:

Email marketing still leading channel for ROI

“Marketers believe that email has never been so important, with 73% of professionals rating the channel as excellent or good for ROI. This highlights that while phone numbers and postal addresses are important, the central point of contact for most marketers has coalesced around the email address.”

Marketing automation still to be mastered

“A third (33%) of respondents said that email marketing automation is not successful for them. This is a surprising stat, as email marketing automation is so effective for many marketers – some brands create more revenue from automated email marketing campaigns, compared to standalone email marketing campaigns. This could be due to poor execution of automated email campaigns. It could also be due to a lack of tools within their email marketing software to enable automated email campaigns to be in place.”

Email design vs. strategy and optimisation

“It is perhaps surprising to see that a significant amount of time is still spent on the design and content for email marketing campaigns. There are so many email marketing technologies baked into ESPs as well as standalone platforms that enable marketers to template designs and HTML, as well as integrate content from other sources. Email marketers need to find ways to spend less time on creative and more time on strategy and optimisation.”

Learn more - get the Census!

To access the report and gain many more insights into the latest email marketing trends and findings, head over to Econsultancy's Email Census page.

The key features covered in this year's Email Marketing Industry Census include the following:

  • Approach to email
  • Email effectiveness
  • Place in the organisation
  • Optimising for different devices
  • Personalisation
  • Marketing automation
  • Improving email marketing for the future

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Written by Team Enchant

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