5 CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) Tips for Email Marketers

Posted by Philip Storey on 15/11/16 10:45
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CRO tips for email marketers

CRO (conversion rate optimisation) is a marketing term often used in relation to website pages and UX (user experience) design. However, CRO can be applied to any marketing channel, throughout the different stages of the buyer’s journey. In email marketing, the importance of open rates can be overstated. Click-through rates and conversions are still the key metrics to judge success. Here are Enchant's 5 conversion rate optimisation tips for email marketers:

1. Create a customer-centric email marketing strategy

If you put your business goals before your customer needs, you're likely to come unstuck. You should focus your marketing strategies what your customers want. Once you understand your customers' desires, challenges, pain points and preferences, you can align them with your business goals and objectives. This will lead to mutual reward and will help you towards lasting marketing success.

Learn more on customer-centric marketing strategies here: 5 Reasons for Creating a Customer-Centric Digital Marketing Strategy.

2. Gain audience insights and send more relevant content

If you want your emails to be engaging and to encourage customers to engage and click through to landing pages, your content needs be relevant. The best way to do this is by building insights about your audience and existing subscribers. Carry out research, create online surveys and capture data with forms. Request feedback from subscribers and tailor your content to segments within your subscriber list. Remember, your email database is just a collection of addresses unless you're sending targeting emails.

Marketing automation empowers your email targeting process. Here's a quick introduction to email automation: 3 Simple Steps to Getting Started with Email Marketing Automation.

3. Map out the touchpoints of the customer lifecycle

CRO is about reviewing each process within the customer lifecycle, in accordance with the buyer’s journey. By mapping out your customer lifecycle, you'll be able to build a network of behavioural and seasonal triggers for sending email campaigns and targeted messages to your subscribers.

Optimising these touchpoints – with the help of marketing automation – and using personalisation and persuasion techniques helps to nurture customer relationships and customer loyalty – which will increase the value of your subscriber list.

Read more about the customer lifecycle here: 5 Reasons Why Your Digital Marketing Strategy Should Focus on the Customer Lifecycle.

4. Optimise your subject lines, CTAs and landing pages

If just one of your email marketing processes is flawed, then your strategy is flawed. The path from engagement to conversion requires continuity and optimisation. Click-worthy subject lines are crucial to gaining high open rates, compelling calls to action (using actionable CTA buttons and persuasive copywriting) are required to encourage click-throughs, whilst optimised landing pages help conversion rates.

There are various techniques and tactics to optimise the key elements of your email marketing campaigns, so ensure adequate time and resources are dedicated to optimising each process.

5. Test, analyse and refine your content

The importance of testing your email marketing content can't be underestimated. Carry out A/B testing on the different aspects of your email templates, such as the visuals, subheaders, copy length, tone of voice and layout, and analyse the results. Split test your email subject lines too. There is no magic formula. The testing process will allow you to find patterns and trends to help you refine everything. Be agile and use insights to continually optimise all the elements of your email marketing content.

Finally, make sure all your subscribers experience the full impact of your emails by using tools like Litmus, which ensures your content is viewable on all available devices.

Wrap up

We hope these CRO tips have highlighted the areas within your email marketing strategy that can be optimised. Maintain an agile approach and seek to achieve continuous improvement. You're emails should aim to engage, influence and excite your subscribers, whilst leading them towards conversions on their individual journeys.

Want to learn more about conversion rate optimisation for email? Download our free guide How to Apply CRO to Email Marketing and start optimising and refining every element of your email campaigns!

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Philip Storey

Written by Philip Storey

Philip Storey is the Founder and CEO at Enchant Agency. Philip is an email marketing specialist in London, UK. He has enabled hundreds of brands to improve their email marketing. Beyond marketing, Philip is a business coach, personal and professional development coach and mentor to business leaders and senior marketers.

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