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Christmas Email Marketing Tips – 3 of the Best!

Posted by Sarah Perrin on 03/12/18 15:12

Christmas isn't that far away, and if you're not planning your email marketing strategy already, then now is the time. It's an exciting time of year to connect with your customers. It's a great time of year for increasing acquisition. Getting things right at Christmas, can be hugely rewarding. Here's some top email marketing tips from Enchant!

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3 Tips for Horrifyingly Engaging Halloween Email Marketing Campaigns

Posted by Sarah Perrin on 30/10/15 11:17

Year on year, Halloween continues to jump on unsuspecting UK consumers with a BOOO! Halloween has now replaced Valentine’s Day as the third biggest retail event in the UK with Brits predicted to spend between £300-£400 million on Halloween-themed items this year.

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Facebook & Twitter Fight For the Same Curated Content-Hungry Audience. What's Next?

Posted by Sarah Perrin on 29/10/15 11:51

You will likely be familiar with the saying ‘imitation is the sincerest form of flattery’. This famous 1824 quote from Charles Caleb Colton can most definitely be applied, tongue-in-cheek to the 21st Century world of social media.

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New Facebook Feature: Local Business Page Verification

Posted by Sarah Perrin on 21/10/15 00:48

On October 6th, Facebook began introducing new verified badges for local businesses. For many of the 45 million small business owners on Facebook, authenticating their account has been something that many have called for, for sometime. In a situation where anyone from staff with the best of intentions to members of an adoring public are able to speak on behalf of your brand, it is clear that problems can arise.

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Supercharge Your Marketing Strategy With Neuromarketing

Posted by Sarah Perrin on 13/09/15 08:00

You’ve likely seen the now infamous and much talked about Porsche commercial 'A Corkscrew v. A Left Turn', comparing the brain’s response to a hard left turn in a Porsche to a hard left in a fighter jet. So enters the field of neuromarketing, which claims to be able to measure the visceral experience of a test subject’s response to flying in a jet.

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