7 Ways Growth Hacking and CRO Will Improve Your Email Marketing Strategy

Posted by Philip Storey on 08/06/16 14:51
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7 email marketing growth hacks and CRO tactics

Despite the plethora of social media channels and digital marketing tools available, email marketing still leads the way in terms of conversion rates. For purchases made as a result of receiving a marketing message, email has the highest conversion rate (66%), compared to social, direct mail and other channels.

(Source: DMA)

Email marketing a great channel for businesses of all sizes, as there are plenty of tools and CRM platforms available to companies for distribution and creation of email content, for minimal spend – especially given the ROI. So when you hear the terms “growth hacking” and “CRO" (conversion rate optimisation) popping up on your business radar, you need to think about how to apply them to your email marketing strategies.

We outline 7 ways growth hacking and CRO will improve your email marketing strategy:

1. Think about CRO for your customer journey

The following quote from Conversion Rate Experts shows how CRO can be applied to email marketing and its job as an ongoing part of your customer engagement strategy:

"A proper job of CRO includes the review of the entire process from the initial lead-generation ad, all the way through to the post-sale follow-up. The real goal is to identify which parts of the sales funnel will yield the greatest wins with the least work.”

You need to optimise every step of the customer journey, including understanding your key personas, testing each element of your email content, using analytics to target customer needs and behaviours, and delivering good customer experiences to maintain engagement.

2. Target customers with relevant content

Your database is just a set of email addresses unless you're really targeting your subscribers. You need you find out as much information about you them as possible so your content to cut through the noise. Look to build up insights on your personas' interests, preferences, online behaviours and challenges. This will focus your content and help you drive relevant content at the right times. Use personalisation in your messaging to improve the customer experience and automate you targeted emails for efficiency.

3. Testing content is key to conversions

You need to regularly carry out testing of your email content. Use the results to pptimise your emails' visuals, format, copy length and tone. Even active customers can become blind to your content or turned off from it if it’s too wordy or if they receive emails too often. Insights from your testing will help you tailor your content to your subscribers' preferences and keep them engaged.

4. Optimise email subject lines

Even if your email marketing content is great, the first hurdle is getting your subscribers to open your emails. So making sure your subject lines are strong is crucial to open rates.

According to Smart Insights: “Across all industries the average open rate for UK SME email marketing campaigns was 22.87%.”

You need to grab recipients' attention with your subject lines, whilst making them inviting, innovative and emotive – tapping into customer emotions is a key persuasion tactic.

Consider using emojis in your email subject lines.

Mailjet research found: “63% of Brits are more likely to open emails with an emoji in the subject line.”

Testing subject lines and using the performance data will allow you to refine them. Also, remember to optimise your pre-header text.

5. Make sure you content is optimised for all devices

In the same way that website content needs to be optimised for mobile – so that your content is not diluted or affected by formatting or image issues when viewing on different devices – your email marketing needs the same fail safes. You want all your subscribers to view the same quality of content, whichever device they're using.

There are tools that make it easy to check how your content looks on different devices. Check out Litmus, who can optimise your emails for all devices.

6. Final destination: Is your website optimised?

The links and call-to-actions within your emails should be relevant and correct – broken links are an instant turn-off – and should lead customers to the right destinations. When your subscribers reach your landing pages, the pages should be primed for converting customers. Postitioning, visuals and the colour on your landing pages and web pages all have an impact. Check out Crazy Egg’s blog on colours on landing pages. However, what's most important is relevance and continuity. Make sure your copy clearly reflects the value of the content visitors have clicked through that it meets expectations, whilst giving them a clear route to conversions. 

7. Analysis, analysis and more analysis

Any good marketer knows the importance of analysis, whether it's social performance reporting tools or Google Analytics, but with email marketing the process of analysing, refining and optimising is of utmost importance for engagement with customers. There's no such thing as too much analysis. Keep checking performance and using it to drive future engagement and strive to gain more insight into your customers' behaviours to build more intricate automation triggers.


Maintaining an agile email marketing strategy is the best was to keep improving. That's what growth hacking and CRO is all about being able to continually make tweaks and refine your content, according to new trends, new insights and optimisation tactics, to keep your email marketing content engaging, relevant and click-worthy. 

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Philip Storey

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