7 Tips for Delivering Successful Paid Social Ads

Posted by Luke Axten on 23/08/16 16:43

Successful paid social media ads

Paid social media marketing is becoming increasingly popular due to its potential for creating high ROI, improving brand awareness and giving businesses accurate performance tracking. However, paid social requires plenty of fine tuning to ensure your content has the desired impact. Enchant outlines 7 great tips for delivering successful paid social ads.

1) Use insights to target relevant audiences

Refer to your Facebook Audience Insights and Google Analytics. These will help identify demographics and affinity audiences, which can be targeted accordingly. Research who currently likes your page or who makes up a particular interest targeting before launching into your ads.  For example, insights might reveal that the majority of your page likes are from females aged 18-25, and you'd like to reach more of the same type of customers, in which case you can adapt your content with that in mind.

Facebook Audience Insights

2) Optimise ad content by testing each element

In digital marketing, testing is crucial – especially in paid social ads. Testing allows you to find which ads are performing the best and adjust them in order to create the most cost effective solution. Elements to test include:

  • Calls to action
  • Copy / messaging
  • Creative (graphics, imagery, videos, cinemagraphs – video is king in consumer campaigns!)
  • Audiences and targeting
  • Objectives
  • Landing pages

In order to test these elements, you must create a number of ads with smaller budgets, varying the calls to action, content, images, videos and other imagery, such as cinemagraphs. Each ad set should be shown to selected audiences, adjusting the messaging as necessary. After the ads have run for several days, compare which are performing well and which are not before pausing, tweaking and doubling down with the better performing ad sets. Aim for approximately 20% of your budget to be used for testing, and 80% to dial up the most successful ads.

3) Align your ads with relevant landing pages

Ensuring continuity from ad to landing page can achieve a much more successful end result. For example, if your goal is to gain email sign-ups, a specific landing page in which customers can enter their details and submit there and then is likely to perform much better than directing traffic to your website's homepage, where they have to navigate through your site to find your subscribe button.

Carefully consider the objective of your adverts, and ultimately what you are driving customers to do when they arrive on your website landing pages. It is also important to bear in mind the audience type and how familiar they are with your brand as they hit your landing pages.

4) Segment ad targeting according to audience location

Location-based marketing is effective – particularly in social ads – if your business is location specific. Facebook Local Awareness ads are perfect for this. Businesses such as restaurants, shops and gyms which rely on local trade, can segment their audiences by location for pushing both awareness-based ads and additional online revenues streams.

Local awareness social ads

By targeting local audiences for elements such as restaurant bookings and gym memberships, ads becomes more cost efficient. Avoid wasted impressions on audiences who are too far away to want the local offerings. A separate ad set can be targeted to the nationwide audiences, who might be interested in items from the online stores, such as recipe books or health and fitness products. Segmentation makes your ads more relevant and decreases the cost per conversion.

5) Use visually appealing images and creative

The creative you use in your ads can be the difference between a user scrolling past or stopping to look. Eye-catching images or snappy videos can draw users in and entice them towards your calls to action. Why not be the first in your industry to utilise a cinemagraph and wow your audience?

When investing significant amounts of money in paid social ads, don't opt for a low budget image or video, unless you have some high quality, engaging user-generated content. Ensure your creative is professional. This one-off cost can pay for itself in the reduced cost per conversion, so look past the initial expense and into the future revenue.

Iceland utilised video in combination with some tasty-looking creative and retargeted Facebook ads to reach a large audience in order to reposition their brand in the marketplace to great effect:

Credit - Iceland / Facebook

  • 10% incremental reach amongst target audience
  • 2.5x more cost effective than TV for reach
  • 4-point lift in ad recall
  • 4.2% increase in online sales during direct response phase

6) Choose suitable paid channels for your business

Paid social channels do not have a one-platform-fits-all formula and vary for business to business. In general, LinkedIn is more focused towards B2B, whereas Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are more suitable for B2C. Twitter is a happy medium between the two. Pinterest is a great way to reach fashion fans and foodies, for example. We usually suggest using a combination of the industry and the target audience to inform which platform is the best option. To find out more about selecting suitable social media channel for paid marketing activity, read our blog: 5 Simple Steps to Choosing the Right Paid Social Channels

7) Exploit latest updates and functionality change

Much like Google and SEO, updates from social media platforms can quickly alter your strategy and how you go about targeting your audience through content and copy. By exploiting the latest updates and functionality changes, you can get ahead of your competitors with cost-effective ads and a greater reach.

For example, Facebook released an update which meant that the 20% text rule had been adapted, allowing ads with over 20% text to go live, but with reduced delivery and increased cost. Whereas, Instagram have made a number of recent changes to their features, algorithm and functionality. Keeping on top of these updates can be the difference between ad success and failure.


Paid social ad campaigns can be extremely effective and generate massive returns on investment. Implementing a number of these tips and tactics can create a big impact for a minimal cost.

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