6 Ways to Improve Your Customer Engagement Strategy Using Social Media

Posted by Rowland Marsh on 05/07/16 17:33
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Customer engagement strategies for social media marketers

Whatever level of marketing your brand is using for building awareness, driving conversions or attracting new customers to your business, producing engaging content is paramount. Keeping customers engaged with your content is the best way to retain customer loyalty and maintain long-term interest in your products and services.

Social media is a diverse and multifunctional networking space for distributing content, engaging and interacting with your audience and making sure your brand stays in customer consciousness.

We discus 6 ways to improve your customer engagement strategy using social media!

1) Nurturing your customer relationships

Keep customers engaged with your content by being relevant. Engagements should feel like part of a relationship between brand and customer. Although email marketing is the ideal channel for building customer relationships, these relationships need to be nurtured. A good way to enhance the nurturing process is to engage with customers via social media channels, which drip-feeds your brand message and helps to cut through the noise.

2) Gain insights and use social listening to build personas

Before any engagement strategy can successfully deliver impact, you need to build up a wealth of insights into your audience. You can use surveys and feedback requests on initial interactions, plus gain data about what type of content users are engaging with – both positive engagements and negative responses to your content and customer service.

It's not just your own content you need insights for, as you need to build personas on your audience, with the help social listening, to find out about you customers' online behaviours – in particular their social media activities. This will help you deliver content that interests your customers and encourages them to engage with your content on an ongoing basis, which will increase your reach. They'll be more responsive to calls to action (CTAs) and content via your other channels.

3) Align your business goals with customer needs

At Enchant, we know the importance of putting customer needs at the forefront of engagement strategies. However, once you gain the key insights into your audience and begin nurturing your customer relationships, you need to concentrate on converting your business goals. A successful engagement strategy should have a carefully mapped out customer journey, which plots interaction opportunities for engaging customers with relevant content.

Once customers engage with your content at the key interaction touchpoints, you need to provide hooks for converting sales or business goals. Your content should be landing with your customers across your different marketing channels, but social media is a great environment for delivering bitesize content with compelling CTAs and offers, with various triggers and incentives to drive traffic to website to increase conversions.

4) Celebrate success with customers and reward brand loyalty

Customer loyalty is crucial to successful business and is a lot more meaningful than your number of email subscribers, names in your database or followers on your social media channels. Some companies spend too much time and resources on gaining new customers, without paying due care and attention to existing customers. We’ve spoken about this nurturing process and delivering relevant and engaging content, but there's another important factor to consider when looking to retain customers; rewarding brand loyalty.

Celebrate your success with your customers. If you're announcing good news about your business, why not show how much you appreciate the value of brand loyalty and give customers opportunities to receive offers, discounts or exclusive content. Identify your social VIPs and target your long-term customers and most receptive users with incentives and rewards.

There are many tactics you can employ with social media channels to demonstrate reward for loyalty, but the key thing to remember is the process is an ongoing one. When you get engagement from customers to rewards initiatives, encourage them to continue seeking the value of brand loyalty.

5) Define key influencers to amplify content

Influencers are becoming increasingly important in social media marketing strategies, especially for smaller business who may not have a huge budget for paid social activities. Identify key influencers within your industry and reach out to them to help amplify your content and your brand presence.

Whether you want to use influencers on social media channels to collaborate with you on projects and partnerships, or encourage them to endorse and share your content, relationships with influencers can be mutually beneficial and provide your business with social proof, whilst boosting your reach and engagement.

6) Measure, refine and optimise

Like with all types of marketing strategies, your customer engagement strategy needs to be continually monitored in order to modify, refine and improve it. Test your content, analyse the success and failures, capture relevant data, and track the channel and means by which conversions and engagements occurred.

Use your data and insights to tweak, enhance and optimise your content and strategy. Utilise CRM tools to integrate your engagement activities, link up conversion opportunities and measure ROI and value of different channels.

Personalisation your engagements and deliver incentives, so your customers feel like valued individuals and continue to push for further feedback to improve the customer experience!


You can see how crucial the role of social media can be in enhancing customer engagement and building momentum for your brand. And the key thing to remember is that it's not only a networking environment, but also a tool for nurturing customer relationships and plugging users back into the customer lifecycle.

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Rowland Marsh

Written by Rowland Marsh

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