6 Scarily Simple Ways to Boost Customer Engagement This Halloween

Posted by Rowland Marsh on 25/10/16 00:05
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Seasonal customer engagement tactics and tips for Halloween

Halloween has long been a big deal in the United States, but over the past few years its popularity in the UK has skyrocketed. Last year, This is Money reported that Halloween had overtaken Valentine’s Day to become the third biggest event for retailers in Britain. So, what is your brand doing to exploit this and use the event as an engagement opportunity?

Enchant has outlined 6 scarily simple ways to boost customer engagement this Halloween:

Grab your audience's attention with fun visuals

Probably more than any other retail-friendly seasonal event, Halloween lends itself to visually-engaging content. There are so many creative opportunities for marketers to take advantage of when producing content for October 31st (and the Halloween weekend) celebrations. Yes, it's the spooky season, but it's essentially a fun festive event and marketers can create plenty of engagement with a bit of design innovation and opportunism.

Add Halloween-inspired social profile images

Whether it's a pumpkin, a ghost or a mere draping of cobweb, you should consider adding a bit of horror to your social profile pictures – either customising your logo or replacing it with a temporary Halloween-related image. Why not also tweak your social profile bio or Twitter handle, perhaps, to give your social channels a chilling twist. See the following email from Think Geek's Twitter profile:

Thinkgeek Halloween-inspired Twitter profile picture


Use keywords and emojis in email subject lines

In email marketing, Halloween is a key seasonal touchpoint in the customer lifecycle. And a quick-win for utilising this engagement opportunity is by inserting some savvy wordplay, relevant emojis and keywords into your email subject lines.

Halloween-inspired emojis


Try to avoid too obvious a link or phrase, but be fun and playful when inserting Halloween references and keywords into subject lines. Emojis are no-brainer for jumping out of subscriber inboxes. See a few subject line examples below:

Grab a frightfully good deal with 15% off - Travelodge

No tricks, just treats - Etsy

How's it going, pumpkin? - Time Out Offers

Create Halloween-related offers and promotions

Why not present your customers with some fiendishly-good or terrifyingly-tempting offers to encourage engagement and conversions? Use the seasonal trigger to reengage with customers and get them thinking about your brand. Halloween promotions are great ways to boost customer engagement and brand awareness before the big build-up to Black Friday and Christmas. Savvy beer brewing companies, like Beavertown, even created a seasonal beer for the occasion - see below:

Beavertown's Halloween-themed beer Stingy Jack


Incorporate relevant hashtags in your social posts

Make sure you maximise the impact of your seasonal content and customer engagement by loading your social posts with the key hashtags of the event and the stickers that will increase you searchability and reach. Think about including some of the following hashtags: #Halloween; #scary; #trickortreat; #halloweenparty; #halloween2016; #happyhalloween; #oct31; #creepy; #fright; #frightnight; #spooky; #horror; #costume.

Try a photo competition to encourage interaction

One reason for the rise in popularity of Halloween in the UK, is the growing trend for more elaborate dress-up, costume parties and cosplay. No longer can you get away with a witch’s nose or devil horns from Clintons! Social media, smart phones and selfies have led to people dressing to impress during Halloween – and that is music to retailers’ ears. Retail analysts at Mintel predicted that over £300m will be spent by Brits on costumes and accessories this year – another year-on-year increase.

Why not jump on the bandwagon and take advantage of the trend. Consider getting your colleagues involved with Halloween dress-up and post your ghastly workplace outfits on your social media channels – showing the characters behind your brand – or invite your audience to send their best Halloween costume photos to you (to a branded hashtag), either for engagement purposes or to enter a competition, with the winner of best costume getting a prize.

Adecco Halloween costume social media engagement on Twitter


These nifty seasonal triggers and tweaks will help you see a spike in engagement during Halloween festivities. Don’t be zombie – wake up to the potential of Halloween-inspired marketing content. Don’t be afraid to be creative – give your audience a shock! Fangs for reading!

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