6 Key Tactics to Deliver Effective Black Friday Campaigns on Social Media

Posted by Rowland Marsh on 10/11/16 10:46
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Creating effective black friday social media campaigns

Black Friday is now a prime engagement opportunity for digital marketers. Retailers are expected to achieve high conversion rates for campaigns during this key event in the promotional calendar and drive revenues via their brand’s marketing channels.

Enchant outlines 6 tactics to deliver effective Black Friday campaigns on social media:

Post early reminders about Black Friday deals

Whatever campaigns you are planning, you should let your audience know well in advance of the Black Friday weekend. Use your social media accounts to post about your exciting upcoming deals for Black Friday. Amazon has taken things a step further and started Black Friday promotions on 1st November.

Giving consumers an early heads-up builds a buzz around your brand in the run-up to the event, whilst helping to prevent your content getting lost amongst a whole host of other brands pushing big promotions and discounts to your potential customers. Think about pinning reminder content at the top of your social channel feeds and even sponsoring posts to target customers in advance.

Check out the teasing Facebook post below from Walmart, ahead of their Black Friday savings:

wallmart black friday facebook ad

Use paid social to drive customers to optimised landing pages

If you want to make the most of Black Friday, we strongly advise using paid social ads to maximise the impact of your seasonal offers. Even if you don’t have a huge budget for paid social in your social media marketing strategy, consumer-related events such as Christmas and Black Friday are key periods to give your content and products a boost.

Organic social posts just don't have the reach or targeting capabilities that paid social can boast. The big social media channels have all made recent changes to give business users more power and control to create effective ad campaigns. Create impactful ads, offer compelling discounts and drive customers to dedicated Black Friday landing pages – armed with relevant discount codes – which are optimised to make it easy for them to convert. Here's an example from Web Optic on behalf of BodyPower:

bodypower black friday facebook ad weboptic

Use persuasive copywriting to build anticipation

How can you ensure your Black Friday offers and promotions stand out from the crowd? Persuasive copywriting and optimised calls to action are the keys to success. In the lead-up to the event, build anticipation in your prospects by using language that evokes urgency, FOMO (fear of missing out) and excitement.

Post countdown-related messaging, offer exclusivity and even hints about the products or the discounts available come Black Friday. During the promotional window, be sure to make your calls to action clear, bold and actionable.

Integrate your marketing channels to build awareness

Black Friday is a big opportunity to drive engagement and conversions, so you want to make sure that your marketing channels are well connected and feed into each other. If you are running email marketing campaigns for Black Friday, make sure your content clearly mentions your social media activities. It works the other way round, as you can capture email addresses from customers making purchases via your social media promotions.

Think about offline marketing too. If your brand has exclusive in-store Black Friday weekend sales, drive customers to these sales via post-purchase receipts from your social media offers.

Use emojis and eye-catching visuals

To give your brand a chance to stand out amidst the fervour of Black Friday, especially on busy social media feeds, you need eye-catching creative to enhance your promotions. Instagram has the advantage of being a visual-led channel, where beautiful images equate to big engagement. Instagram achieves higher engagements per post than any other channel.

However, other social media channels have realised the importance of visual impact and enabled users to deliver more visually engaging content. See the following Twitter example from Red Bubble, which combines the use of an emoji, playful language and a relevant-but-engaging GIF to convince customers to click on their Black Friday content:

Red bubble black friday tweet gif

The great thing about Red Bubble is that it is artist-driven. So, lots of artists – who produce creative for Red Bubble which goes onto prints, T-shirts and mugs, etc – will post about Red Bubble's Black Friday promotions on social media. The business, therefore, gets an additional bump in engagement and reach, helping to increase conversions. See example below:

Red bubble artist promo black friday

Don’t forget #CyberMonday

With all this talk of Black Friday, you might forget that it has become much more than just a day. Black Friday signals the beginning of a long weekend of large-scale sales and offers, culminating with Cyber Monday. So, be sure to promote this ecommerce phenomenon too and maximise the potential of your promotions

Loft.com cyber monday ad


Black Friday is a lucrative opportunity for marketers, but only if you can offer true value, compelling creative and persuasive copy to convince customers to convert. Make sure your promotions and social media posts are optimised, to ensure you keep customers engaged whilst they are in buying mode in the build-up to and during the event.

Black Friday is a key seasonal marketing opportunity within the customer lifecycle. Why not download our free ebook guide to revolutionising the customer lifecycle with email marketing and go make waves with email?

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Enchant is a leading UK digital marketing agency, specialing in email marketing, paid social advertising and CRM. We help brands to create big impact and reach their full potential with marketing strategies focused on the customer lifecycle. If you need advice about your campaigns, get in touch with our marketing consultants and see how we can supercharge your performance!

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