6 Key Reasons to Add Instagram to Your Social Media Marketing Mix

Posted by Rowland Marsh on 16/11/16 23:12
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5 reasons to add Instagram to your social strategy

If you don’t currently use Instagram in your social media marketing strategy, it's worth considering the impact this fast-growing channel can create for your brand, especially in terms of engagement. You need to establish whether the channel is suitable for your audience and the nature of your business, but Instagram has key advantages and benefits for social media marketers.

We've outline 6 reasons to add Instagram to your social media marketing mix:

Instagram boasts highest social engagement

It might be behind Facebook in terms of volume of users worldwide, but Instagram is a fast-growing channel – seeing user numbers rise as Twitter flattens out. It's engagement and interaction where Instagram stands tall over all other social channels. The engagement ratio for businesses is 10 times higher on Instagram than on Facebook! (Source: TrackMaven)

Check out the following chart from Smart Insights, which really shows how significant Instagram’s dominance with engagement:

Smart Insights chart about Instagram interactions

Visual impact like no other channel

According to Buffer, visual content is more than 40x more likely to get shared on social media than other types of content. That's why Instagram scores so highly when it comes to engagement rates. Instagram’s popularity stemmed from its positioning as a social community for sharing compelling and inspiring photographs. Now, all manner of visual content is posted, shared and promoted. If your brand has visual appeal and produces content which is savvy and shareable, then Instagram is the ideal platform to launch your campaigns, showcase products and grow brand awareness.

Increased scope for video content

To keep pace with the growing trend for video content in social media marketing, Instagram recently made changes to their video limits and capabilities. Users were previously limited to 15 seconds, but this has since been increased to 60 seconds, giving marketers more scope for storytelling and explainer video content. Instagram Stories are becoming an extremely popular medium, enabling brands to create immersive content, effective storytelling and behind-the-scenes insights. Get on board with this engaging social media marketing trend! 

More capabilities for paid social campaigns

Over the last year or so, Instagram's new features and functionality have given businesses more control and opportunities to create content to reach customers. Instagram is increasingly reflecting the usability of Facebook, whilst putting more emphasis on business capabilities. As paid social is becoming more crucial for brands to grow their reach, as changing algorithms are stunting the powers of organic social, Instagram is helping business accounts to plan more creative and targeted campaigns.

There is also Facebook's Campaign Planner tool for helping businesses collaborate and plan paid social campaigns, which is available for Instagram business accounts.

Hashtags galore

Tweets including several hashtags are commonplace on Twitter, but with a 140-character limit, it's frowned upon to overload tweets with hashtags to the detriment of a salient message. On Instagram, this is not the case. In fact, it's more the case of hashtags galore on Instagram.

Visuals are driver engagement on Instagram, whilst hashtags drive reach and searchability. There's no black mark for using a string of hashtags in posts, as users look for inspiration in different genres and hashtags are the best way to find the content you need. Check out this great piece from Post Planner, which outlines the key hashtags to know across a range of different niches.

Using influencers to increase reach

Instagram is the place to be for influencers. And if you want to increase brand awareness, grow your following and boost engagement, you should be looking towards influencers to help your social media marketing strategy.

Whether you want use influencers to interact with, share or give your organic content a bump, or use your marketing budget to leverage the clout of key influencers on the channel, Instagram’s community has huge potential. There are some handy tools to help you find relevant influencers for your brand, such as Ninja Outreach and Buzzsumo. Check them out.

To get your head around utilising social media influencers, you should read this great article by Digiday on the rise of micro-influencers on Instagram.

Wrap up

Instagram is an exciting channel for brands who want to create visual impact, authentic brand content and engaging storytelling. It's time to seriously consider the suitability of Instagram for your business and take advantage of this growing network for brands, marketers and influencers.

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