6 Customer Retention Tips for Email Marketers

Posted by Rowland Marsh on 14/09/16 10:14
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Customer retention tips for email marketing

Email marketing is a hugely effective channel for building and nurturing customer relationships. Once a prospect signs up to your subscriber list, they're open to your brand's emails. However, many marketers make the mistake of putting too much onus on gaining new subscribers, rather than keeping their existing subscribers engaged and loyal to their brand.

Enchant outlines 6 great customer retention tips for email marketers:

1. Map out the touchpoints of your customer lifecycle

It's important to identify the key opportunities for engaging and interacting with subscribers. A customer-centric strategy should have a richly mapped out customer lifecycle, plotting the opportunities to deliver them relevant content at the right times, according to behavioural triggers, seasonal touchpoints and lifecycle stages.

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2. Gain feedback and insights

Your customer lifecycle map will become increasingly more intricate and strategic, the more insights you can gain about (and from) your subscribers. Data pulled from open rates and click-through rates, plus the feedback received by reaching out to customers for feedback, can be pulled together to target subscribers with more relevant content to maintain engagement levels.

3. Use marketing automation for targeted content

The most effective and efficient way to target segments of your subscribers list is through marketing automation, which manages the workflows for sending out targeted content, triggered by customer behaviours. Once you've created the emails you want to send out to various elements of your subscriber list, you can use your automated marketing solution to set up data-driven triggers to nurture customers. Email automation is also great for performing and measuring split testing.

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4. Add personalisation and storytelling

With the powerful tool of email marketing automation at your disposal, you can enhance your targeted content with personalisation – an aspect of digital marketing persuasion that's becoming ever-more critical to businesses. The relationship between brand and customer is getting closer and personalisation helps make the interactions feel more like conversations than pushy marketing messages. Storytelling marketing is a way of giving your brand a personal voice and showing the characters behind the brand.

5. Integrate your email marketing with other channels

Your subscribers have signed up to your email list to receive email marketing content from your brand, but why does their customer journey have to remain in the realms of their inboxes? Your emails should always carry links and calls to action for your other digital and social channels. Give your customers the opportunity to find you and view your content on other channels. This helps to enrich the customer experience, boost brand awareness and increase the chances of your customers converting your business goals and making purchases.

6. Monitor engagement and reactivate the least engaged

Like with any marketing strategy, you should closely monitor performance and engagement levels. With email marketing, we strongly encourage brands to add an reactivation strategy to their customer lifecycle map. It's important to reengage with your lapsed subscribers, in order to target them with content aimed at winning them back as active customers. Once you put in place a email reactivation strategy, your monitoring of engagement will feed in this – triggering targeted reengagement emails to be sent out to the least engaged segments of your subscriber list.


Customer retention is so important and it's an ongoing challenge for brands to keep customers loyal and increase customer lifetime value. However, once you've put the building blocks in place, such as your customer lifecycle and automation platform, the nurturing process for email marketing will be easier to manage.

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