5 Ways to Use Visual Impact for Social Media Marketing Success

Posted by Rowland Marsh on 09/09/16 16:29
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Create visual impact for social media marketing success

In today’s digital environment, marketers’ window of opportunity for customer engagement is getting ever smaller. There are many different digital channels for your business to reach your audience, but changing browsing behaviours and social media trends have limited the time you get to grab the attention of your prospects and customers, amidst your growing competition.

Visual impact in social media is now key for engagement – the popularity of Instagram is testament to that – which is why there are so many tools and techniques for enhancing the visual impact of your marketing content. Enchant presents 5 ways to use visual impact for social media marketing success:

Use quick and easy creative tools

There is an array of tools for creating visually appealing and attention-grabbing images, charts, infographics and covers for blog posts and guides. Piktochart, Canva and Gliffy are just a few good tools to mention, whilst there are various sites, such as Unsplash and Shutterstock, which offer a library of royalty-free images to incorporate into your creative.

These tools save busy marketers time and allow them to create engaging visuals to accompany marketing content without having to be design specialists. Read more about time-saving tools for social media, with our handy blog:  Time-Saving Tips and Tools for Optimising Social Media Posts.

Utilise GIFs to boost your message

GIFs are on trend and they are great for visual impact. The moving images and looping nature of GIFs can help to enhance a statement or a part of your message. Its repetitive format has the ability to drum your content’s message into users’ memories, helping to drive it home and maximise its impact. Use sites like Giphy, which have thousands of GIFs for different topics, to select a suitable GIF for your content.

via Giphy

GIFs are often used for humorous purposes or to back up copy within your marketing posts, but they also have mesmeric visual impact which boosts the virality and potential reach of your content.

Starting rolling out a live video plan

Many marketing thought leaders will tell you that if you are not using live video in your marketing strategy, then you are already being left behind. Brands want to be seen to be in touch with popular trends and online behaviours and although live video is in its infancy, it is worth strongly considering adding it to your marketing mix.

Whether it is Periscope users live streaming on Twitter or brands utilising Facebook Live, much of the live video content marketing being posted is fairly rough and ready. We’ve seen some big-name businesses having teething problems with live video, but this is understandable and people relate to the instant and agile nature of the medium.

UFC Facebook Live video social media marketing

In these early days, it is best to not worry too much about a shaky phone camera hand or sketchy audio, it is best to dip your toes into the water and try it out. The real-time feedback you will get from users will let you know your issues, which you can iron out for your future attempts.

Read more about adding live video to your marketing strategy here: Why Live Video is Crucial for Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Emojis can add humour and visual emotion

The use of emojis has quickly risen from being a fun addition to messages and content, to a crucial engagement tool for digital marketers. Brands are using emojis to enhance their social media content, soften the tone of their marketing and evoke reactions from their audience.

A great example of clever marketers using emojis effectively was during the build-up to the release of the Marvel film Deadpool. It is fair to say the film did not take itself too seriously, and neither did its marketers. Here are a few snippets from their promotional activity, which utilised the impact of emojis:

Here is a picture of a billboard poster for the film, which use some cheeky emojis. The image was shared heavily on social media and the emojis in the poster were used on Twitter in some of their marketing posts. Even the film's lead actor, Ryan Reynolds, got in on the act by using the emojis in his tweets.

Deadpool emoji billboard marketing

Deadpool social media marketing Twitter Ryan Reynolds

This was not the only example of emoji use in Deadpool's social media marketing – just look at all the branded emojis below. What a smart way of boosting the film's social media presence and shareability.

Deadpool branded emojis Twitter

Creating branded emojis is only going to become more popular as a trend. Look at Facebook's celebration of Star Trek’s 50th anniversary with customised Facebook Reactions:

Star Trek branded emojis

Take advantage of visual enhancement features

Visual enhancement is becoming a common technique for increasing both engagement and reach. There are plenty of free tools for adding filters to images to make them more visually appealing and engaging, but social media channels themselves are encouraging users to add features and tags to their social post images.

Snapchat and Twitter, for example, have a range of “stickers” (similar to emojis), which can be added to pictures to give them a twist, enhance them, drive home a message, or to add searchability. Twitter Stickers are clickable and essentially represent visual hashtags. Follow the new trend and be prepared for a future rush of branded stickers.

Twitter Stickers feature

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Visual impact is so important for customer engagement in social media marketing and these tips should get you thinking about how you can boost your engagement strategy by implementing some of these tools and techniques.

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