5 Ways to Use Social Media to Boost Your Email Marketing Strategy

Posted by Philip Storey on 08/11/16 22:06
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Using social media to boost your email marketing

Marketers and thought leaders often talk about the need to integrate channels, especially connecting email marketing with social networks. However, it's often focused on how email marketing can help build your social media presence.We discuss 5 effective ways to use social media to boost your email marketing performance and grow your subscriber list:

1) Drive customers to landing pages with sign-up forms

A simple way to get subscribers for your email marketing content is through online sign-up forms. Social posts aimed at capturing email addresses from users should take customers to dedicated landing pages, with email list sign-up forms. Alternatively, promoting gated content is a key lead generation tactic, as it ensures any users clicking through to content from your social media posts must fill in data capture fields to go further.

2) Promote email subscription in social business pages and posts

If you produce regular email content or newsletters as part of your email marketing strategy, you should shout about it on your social media channels. It's a quick-win for growing email lists, as social posts often act as bite-size content to give prospects a taster of a bigger offering or brand experience. So give users the chance to receive more detailed and rich content, via emails direct to their inbox.

You can promote email newsletters and subscription content with relevant calls to action. With Facebook's revamped business pages, brands can effectively promote all aspects of their activities. See the following example from Mr Hyde's Facebook page, where they have a dedicated sub-page for promoting their "in-the-know" email subscriber content sign-up:

email sign-up on Facebook by Mr Hyde

3) Discounts, incentives and giveaways

It's always good practice to capture customer data when running giveaways, competitions or promotions, as insights and contact preferences are crucial for nurturing customer relationships. When giving customers incentives to engage with your brand content, discounts and offers should require customers to opt-in to branded email content in return for the offer. This means incentives can lead to conversions via social channels, whilst helping to grow your email list.

See the competitions and giveaways section on Meantime Brewing Company's Facebook account below and the subsequent email sign-up form on their website when clicking through to enter their competitions:

Facebook competition page by Meantime

email sign-up form on facebook from Meantime

4) Offer users lead magnets

Lead magnets are free offerings to prospects that aim to generate leads through engagement and brand trust. If you give people free gifts or downloadable content, it serves as an incentive and encourages prospects to become active customers in the future – for your premium services and products. The key is to capture email addresses and other data in exchange for the free content.

Here's an example of a lead magnet from Email Monks, promoted via Twitter. This free marketing guide will teach the prospect or provide a solution to a problem, boosting the brand’s reputation as a trusted source of strategic expertise. By capturing email addresses and giving prospects free help for their business, future email interactions pushing premium products have a better chance of convincing customers to convert.

Twitter lead magnet Email Monks

Here is the sign-up form users will see when clicking on the call to action from Twitter, before they're able to access the free e-book:

email sign-up form by Email Monks

Below is a lead magnet from Formstack, promoted on Facebook:

Facebook lead magnet from Formstack

5) Utilise social profiles and bios

Social profiles and account bios provide companies with an opportunity to tell a brand story or show what their business offers, but they can also be utilised to drive users to business websites and other channels, such as email. You can use cover photos to show that you have a regular email newsletter, perhaps, or even add a call to action and link to your email sign-up landing page on your social bios. Take advantage of the opportunity to push users to your email marketing activities in the space provided in your social profiles.


These tips should provide you with plenty to strategic ammunition to enable your social media channels to feed into your email marketing and give your subscriber list a crucial boost. Getting your channels working together is part of omnichannel strategy, where integrated channels connect seamlessly within the customer lifecycle.

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Philip Storey

Written by Philip Storey

Philip Storey is the Founder and CEO at Enchant Agency. Philip is an email marketing specialist in London, UK. He has enabled hundreds of brands to improve their email marketing. Beyond marketing, Philip is a business coach, personal and professional development coach and mentor to business leaders and senior marketers.

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