5 Time-Saving Tips and Tools for Optimising Social Media Marketing Posts

Posted by Rowland Marsh on 29/07/16 11:07
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Time-saving tips and tools for social media marketing optimising

When you are creating lots of great content and promoting it on various social media channels, delivering optimised posts that maximise your content’s potential can be a time-consuming task. There are numerous ways to streamline the process, with social posting workflows, browser extensions and scheduling tools.

Enchant presents 5 time-saving tips and tools for optimising social media marketing posts:

1) Tighten up your copy

When writing content, in particular blog posts, you need to make sure your language is suitable and consumable for your audience, whilst being grammatically correct. The editing stage can be aided by a range of browser extension tools and plugins, such as Hemmingway App or Stylewriter. These score your copy on various aspects of readability to make sure your copy is not too bloated or technical. Use these tools as a guide only, as you need to write with SEO in mind.

When it comes to writing your copy for social posts, your copy needs be eye-catching and click-worthy, but also grammatically sound – unless you are using informal language as an engagement tactic. Grammarly is a great tool for marketers and the browser extension analyses your social copy for spelling, grammar and style, offering sentence structure suggestions to improve copy. It displays a green “G” icon when it deems it your copy ready to post.

Grammarly tweet example

2) Apply the right hashtag

Once you have got clean and punchy social copy for sharing your content, you should try to enhance your post's reach, with tags for shareability and searchability, especially on social networking platforms such as Twitter and Instagram.

Although you may have certain branded hashtags and a good idea of the appropriate hashtags to fit your content and social posts, tools such as Hashtagify and RiteTag can give you real-time glanceable data about your hashtags, whist providing you with alternatives or additional tags. Hashtagify is for hashtags what Buzzsumo is for topics. It presents the top related hashtags when you search for a key hashtag and ranks them by popularity and relevance, plus you get a list the top influencers using these hashtags.

3) Compose and utilise engaging visuals

Your social copy is tight and accompanied by relevant and search-worthy tags, now you need an engaging visuals to stand out from user news feeds. You may already have adequate images from your blog post – if you are promoting blog content – but if you really want your social posts to grab your audience's attention, you need powerful visuals to enhance impact. Marketers are not all blessed with great design skills, but help is at hand from a range of curation tools.

Canva is an easy-to-use program, which allows you to drop in images to the tool and optimise them according to the social channels you are using. You can add a range of text options, icons and stickers to enhance the image or make it more relevant to your content. You can use apps like Unsplash or Kaboompics to find evocative free images to use in Canva.

If you want to use eye-catching moving images on your social posts, you might want to use a GIF, which are on-trend and very good for encouraging shares. Giphy's free browser extension allows you to search their archive to find the relevant GIF for the right content, giving you a short URL to drop into your social post.

Hubspot Twitter post with gif for creating interesting content for boring industries

4) Schedule, queue and share posts

There are so many time-saving options in your social toolkit for efficient distribution of content. The majority of your social media content should be planned and therefore scheduled in advance of posting. Depending on the amount of channels you are using to engage with your audience, you will either need an CMS that can handle all your social post scheduling or a combination of several scheduling tools.

Sprout Social, Buffer and Hootsuite are all popular options for scheduling and queuing social posts, all with good analytics reporting for optimising and refining content. They have link-shortening capabilities, like Bitly, and offer browser extensions that allow you to easily share pages, articles and posts – your own or from influencers or news-based websites – at predetermined times. You should also explore Evernote Web Clipper, which is an Evernote browser extension that allows you to clip content from a website and save it as an article, bookmark or a screenshot, to tag and share on any social media channel.

Evernote web clipper tool social sharing

5) Track your URLs to more insightful data

Although these post scheduling tools give you analytics and insights for your social post performance, you should track your URLs to identify the channel from which traffic and leads have reached your web pages.

Raventools has a simple URL builder for doing this, which allows you to drop your URLs into their tool, adding the channel, type of content and campaign, to generate a unique URL for Google Analytics purposes.


These time-saving tools and tips for creating and optimising social media marketing posts will streamline your workflows, giving you more time to create content and analyse and refine your social strategy. The process will boost your brand’s presence and increase engagement, delivering engaging content to your audience and helping you to meet your business goals.

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