5-Step Plan for Successful Email Marketing Split Testing

Posted by Philip Storey on 22/11/16 15:47
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5 step plan to effective email split testing

When composing email marketing subject lines, templates and landing pages, marketers will use their knowledge, skills, research and instinct to create content for subscribers. But how many are testing their content? Split testing should occur at every phase and process of email marketing, otherwise there's too much guesswork involved. Check out this 5-step plan for successful email marketing split testing and grab our free email marketing split testing planner tool!

1) Email subject lines

Subject lines are the key to the door of your email marketing content. If you don’t give your subscribers a convincing reason to open that door, then they will not see your content. Split testing email subject lines is crucial, as composing click-worthy subject lines is a fine art in marketing. There are tactics and trends that will shape your subject lines, but there's no magic formula. So test out different factors which can affect open rates, such as length, capitalisation, actionable language, questions, persuasion tactics, offers, personalisation, symbols and even emojis.

Find out more with our Ultimate Guide to Writing Email Marketing Subject Lines.

2) Visuals and copy

Visual impact is vital for keeping subscribers engaged with your email content, once they’ve opened your email. It is recommended not to be too word heavy in your email content, so try to use snackable content and multiple forms of media, such as images, video content and links to social media channels.

However, you can only find out the most effective blend through testing and analysing the responses and insights. Test the word count, layout of your templates, number of different articles and news updates, tone of voice, language and visuals.

3) Calls to action

Whether the purpose of your content is to drive customers to the products and services on your website,  build clicks and views or your blog content or promote specific offers or competitions, you need your calls to action to be compelling. There are numerous ways to enhance the impact of your calls to action. You should create clear and bold CTA buttons, use actionable language, and employ persuasion tools and tactics to accompany CTAs. You’re A/B testing of your calls to action should include the colour, size, shape, positioning, wording and persuasion tactics – such as countdown clocks.

Check out our blog about persuasion tactics for calls to action: 5 Dynamic Content Persuasion Tactics to Increase CTA Conversions.

4) Landing Pages

All your good work in convincing subscribers to click on your CTAs will be undone if your landing pages let you down. You will lose a load of conversions if your landing pages are not appealing and easy to follow. You need to make sure it is easy for details to be submitted, buttons are clear and that the copy and images on the landing pages show continuity from the CTA and email content customers have arrived from.

You should carry out A/B testing for elements such as the landing page header, use of images, number of data capture fields, colour of fields and CTAs, positioning and wording.

5) Optimising

The key aim of split testing is optimisation. Use the insights gained from your testing process to refine each of your key elements within your email marketing campaigns, from subject lines to landing pages. The benefit will be huge. Your content will be more engaging, primed for gaining conversions and the customer experience will be enhanced.

Here is a handy blog on conversion rate optimisation for email marketing: 5 CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) Tips for Email Marketers.

Wrapping up

This quick and easy plan for split testing your email marketing content will give you the basics for putting in place a robust testing process. Testing, analysing and optimising are the key components for making sure you are showcasing your best possible content, whilst aligning it with your customer needs.

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