5 Reasons for Creating a Customer-Centric Digital Marketing Strategy

Posted by Rowland Marsh on 15/09/16 23:58
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customer centric digital marketing strategy

Modern marketers are becoming more aware of the benefits of customer-centric strategies. Whilst there are so many channels available to distribute marketing content, there's also so much competition. That's why a customer-centric approach is key for gaining and retaining customers.

We look at 5 reasons for creating a customer-centric digital marketing strategy:

Putting customer needs before business goals

If you serve your audience with relevant content, services or products that fits their needs, rather than just focusing on your own business goals, your marketing message will be softened and demonstrate value to potential customers.

Think about what your business is about and why it exists. It's not just to make money, but to offer something that customers are in need of. It serves a purpose. So, if your customers’ needs are at the heart of your digital strategy, it will help you reach your business goals and objectives.

Establishing brand loyalty

Putting customer needs first encourages brand loyalty and nurturing customer relationships helps to crystalise that loyalty. The nurturing process is developed by keeping customers engaged, giving them updates, delivering relevant content and making them aware of what your business can offer them.

Incentives and rewards are also important for retaining brand loyalty, but your tactics shouldn’t rely too heavily on offers. Showing customers ongoing value for money and giving them engaging and exclusive content is the long-game strategy. You want to be viewed as a brand that customers can’t do without and one that has an edge over your competitors.

Find out how Vitality used healthy incentives and customer rewards for marketing success.

Building a personalised customer relationship

Once you have a loyal customer switched on to your brand, you need to nurture them and keep them engaged. As we mentioned, incentives, rewards and exclusive content can help to give them an affinity with your brand, but there's no better way to build a strong relationship with customers than to deliver personalised content, tailored to their preferences and interests.

Marketing automation allow businesses to effectively deliver targeted messages to customers, but personalisation increases the impact of messages. Read more about using personalisation with our blog: 5 Ways to Boost Email Marketing Conversions with Personalisation.

Creating a better customer experience

What personalisation enhances the customer experience and good customer experience is what all businesses should strive for. It's crucial for customer retention and brand reputation.

You should look to deliver an exciting customer experience. Your digital marketing strategy should be agile, so you can respond quickly to behavioural trends and changes, and utilise the latest innovations and technology. Customer experience is also about customer service, so make sure you answer questions and queries, whilst asking questions of your audience to help improve your customer service.

Mapping out your customer lifecycle

The techniques, tactics and methodology mentioned all play their part in a constantly monitored and moderated roadmap for customers. In order to have a successful customer-centric digital marketing strategy, you should map out all the potential touchpoints within your customer lifecycle. What are these touchpoints? Well, you need to source and compile data and insights about your audience, so you can visualise the ideal customer lifecycle. Then all these customer-centric elements (brand loyalty, incentives, automated and targeted content, personalisation and customer experience) will feed into this lifecycle, to retain your customers long-term.


We have outlined the key reasons to create a customer-centric strategy for your business, but they are ways to change your company culture too. Putting customer needs at the heart of marketing activities helps bring your brand closer to your customers, resulting in interaction feeling less like transactional conversations and more like personal ones.

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