5 Quick Tips to Improve Your Paid Facebook Campaigns

Posted by Rowland Marsh on 03/11/16 11:22
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With current social media algorithms, especially in the case of Facebook, it is now much harder to achieve high conversion rates from organic marketing campaigns. So, many businesses have been forced to increase their paid social budgets and step up their ad campaigns. If you are committing significant investment into paid social campaigns, you need to make sure your ads are primed to deliver big impact.

Enchant is here to help with our 5 quick tips to improve your paid Facebook campaigns:

Utilise Facebook’s Campaign Planner tool

Facebook Campaign Planner is available to all Facebook users with a Business Manager account. Before getting access to use the tool, users must first submit an access request form – see screenshot below:

Facebook Campaign Planner Access Request Form

This is a handy tool for planning Facebook ad campaigns – Instagram is also available – allows teams and clients to collaborate on campaigns via the platform. This is helpful for making tweaks, predicting reach and impact, whilst providing a more tangible experience for visualising proposed paid social campaigns. It gives users more control over paid campaigns and collaborative planning directly on Facebook.

Read more about Facebook Campaign Planner with our blog post: Get the Most from Facebook’s Brand New Tool: Facebook Campaign Planner.

Clearly set out your objectives and brand message

Think carefully about your goals and objectives before ploughing ahead with your paid social campaigns. What are you looking to achieve and how will your ads cater for your audience’s needs and interests? How can you cut though to customers on Facebook?

Ask yourself these questions and make sure your brand message comes through via your paid campaigns. Consider your budget and think about how to approach your existing customers and how you will target your prospective audience. Unless your business is a big-name brand, remember that your prospects won’t necessarily know who you are or what your brand does. Ensure your Facebook ads tell your brand story, at the same time as pitching products to your target audience.

Test different elements before committing a large budget

You are unlikely to enjoy success straightaway with your Facebook ad campaigns. They take time to refine, mold and grow, and this is why robust testing is crucial. No matter how much research and expertise you may have at your disposal, there is always going to be an element of trial and error. This is what optimising is all about; testing and using insights to tweak and improve content.

Rebecca Coldicott, Senior Social & Content Strategist for Enchant Agency, speaks about accepting testing as a valuable use of a paid social budget:

“When planning your Facebook ad budget, it’s important to recognise that a certain amount will need to be earmarked for testing – usually 20% – and the remainder for optimisation of higher performing ads. There is no way around this fact. Testing six advert variants (copy and imagery / video) and letting the customers decide which is most effective is the only true way to know where to focus your efforts.”

Give your campaign time to be a success, testing all elements of your ads – including images, copy length, tone of voice and audiences – and make the necessary adjustments that can make all the difference to your ads’ impact.

But don’t jump to early when making changes, give ads time to build up relevant data from which you can learn insights and trends. Also, adversely, don’t let ad fatigue creep into your campaign. Refresh even those ads which saw high engagements to avoid inevitable customer blindness towards your content that comes with repetition. You can find a “Frequency” feature on Facebook Ad Manager – within Performance – which shows the average number of times that your ad is shown to each person. Don’t let your frequency cause ad blindness to set in, so monitor this in Ad Manager and make appropriate changes when the time is right.

Delve deeper into Audience Insights for better targeting

Audience Insights is a vital feature within Facebook Ads Manager, which is a rich source of information about your prospective audience from which you can drill down into to seek the required insights to make sure you are targeting the right individuals with your paid campaigns. Use keywords to find your potential audiences, refine searches and delve deeper into audience behaviours to pinpoint your key target audience, who are likely to be receptive to your brand’s ads.

You will want to retarget customers who have engaged with your content and ads in the past. If you run Canvas ads, Facebook allows brands to create “custom audiences”, to target users who have viewed their Canvas ads. This targeting of custom audiences is a good boost for CRO (conversion rate optimisation).

Facebook custom audiences feature

Drive customers to optimised landing pages

This leads nicely into the mention of optimised landing pages. Once have engaged your audience with your paid ads, in order to give yourself the best chance of a conversion you must drive customers to relevant content and optimised calls to action (CTAs) on your ads’ landing pages.

SEO needs to be in place on landing pages, whilst the content on these pages should be salient and demonstrate continuity and relevance. Pages should also be eye-catching, easy-to-use and contain clear and effective calls to action. Landing pages which have not been optimised will damage the impact of your campaigns, limiting conversion rates.


These tips are a great starting point to focus your paid Facebook strategy, build clear but agile campaigns that reach the right audience, deliver relevant and compelling ads and drive customers to optimised landing pages.

Remember, testing plays a crucial role in paid campaign management. Make sure you do the necessary split testing to give you the insights to make the key changes to improve your ads and their performance.

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