5 Quick and Easy Digital Marketing Growth Hacks for Retailers

Posted by Rowland Marsh on 25/11/16 11:12
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Digital marketing growth hacks for retailers

Growth hacking is a key trend in marketing, focused on finding ways to improve processes and discovering quick wins to grow your business without necessarily needing to use a large-scale budget. Successful growth hackers are agile with their marketing strategies, looking to make necessary tweaks and utilise add time-saving tools to optimise their chances of conversions and enhance their marketing activities and content.

Enchant presents 5 quick and easy digital marketing growth hacks for retailers:

1. Incentivise your customers

Delivering targeted and relevant content helps encourage customers to convert, as does presenting compelling products empowered by persuasive copywriting and calls to action. But giving customers incentives is just one more reason for them to make a purchase. Incentives can be used as a tactic throughout the customer journey, from offering free delivery to new customers on their first orders to giving add-on gifts for orders over a certain threshold or rewarding customer loyalty with exclusive offers and free gifts. Keeping your customers incentivised helps to nurture lasting relationships.

2. Customer win-back messages

When customers make purchases on retail websites, this will often require a registration to an online account with the brand, which will have an opt-in option for marketing messages. However, so many people do their browsing and shopping online that consumers can forget who they have an existing account with or who they are opted in with. At the point of purchase, customers can untick boxes that ask for permission to send marketing messages and emails. If previously signed up, this action will unsubscribe existing customers.

This following example from eFlorist shows how brands can deal with this and use customer win-back tactics to get users back onto their subscriber lists:


After the initial reengagement email is sent to the customer who has opted out, if they opt back in they receive the following welcome back message:

Eflorist's welcome back email

Dealing with unsubscribes and reengaging with customers is a key part of email marketing strategies, especially in the retail industry. Read our Email Marketing Reengagement and Reactivation Guide at Smart Insights.

3. Deliver retargeting ads

When researching your target audience for product promotion, you should not forget to add a separate strand to your targeting activity for those users who have already interacted with your content and web pages. Targeting new customers, according to audience insights from paid social platforms, will help you deliver ads to relevant prospects, but retargeting ads are key as you already have the interest and engagement. Those you target may not necessarily know who you are and what your brand does, but those you retarget are already aware and warmed up to your brand.

4. Cart abandonment drip email series

Sending cart abandonment emails and messages is a no-brainer for retailers. If cart abandonment is not part of your marketing strategy, you are missing a big opportunity. The global cart abandonment conversion average is 18%, with best performing retailers reaching up to 40%. (Source: Smart Insights)

Here is a great cart abandonment example from Levi's:

Cart abandonment email campaign from Levi's

Some brands make the mistake of leaving messages too long, delivering them to browsers who are no longer in buying mode or who have shopped elsewhere. It is recommended to interact with those abandoning carts within an hour. This may seem quick, but research shows that it can increase conversions significantly. Sending a drip sequence of emails is an effective way of nudging and nurturing subscribers back into buying mode – reminding them why they were interested in your products.

Read more about cart abandonment with our handy blog: 4 Tips for Boosting Conversions with Cart Abandonment Emails.

5. Customer feedback and product reviews

In retail, when a customer buys one of your products, a goal is converted. But it doesn’t have to end there. Successful marketers know that gaining new customers can be a lot more expensive and resource-driven than retaining existing customers. If your strategy is customer-centric and focused on building and nurturing lasting customer relationships, you will achieve higher ROI.

Encouraging customers to give you feedback is key to learning more about them, gaining insights that help tailor future content to them and keeping them loyal to your brand. It is also a source of social proof and free advertising, if you can urge them to review or give you feedback on specific products, which you can incorporate in promotions, ads, web pages and social media – which will mean new customers will come knocking at your shopfront.

Here is a customer feedback request email from Cineworld:

Cineworld email campaign customer feedback


These are just a handful of useful growth hacks for digital marketing, aimed at retailers looking to boost their conversions and reach their customers without throwing money at their marketing campaigns. Be agile, look to make your digital marketing strategies customer-centric and build relationships with your customers.

Want learn about the successful email tactics top retail brands use? Download our free guide to the Secret Email Marketing Strategies from Top Retailers and start creating impact with email!

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Enchant is a leading UK customer lifecycle marketing agency, specialising in email marketing, crm, inbound marketing and paid social advertising. Our email experts help brands reach their potential and achieve big impact fast with our customer-centric strategies. If you need help with your email marketing, why not get in touch with our marketing specialist and see how we can help you improve performance? 

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