5 Examples of Click-Worthy Email Marketing Subject Lines and Snackable Content

Posted by Rowland Marsh on 15/07/16 11:29
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clickworthy email subject lines and snackable content

Even if you have a popular brand and produce high quality email marketing content, it will not deliver the desired impact or response rates that it deserves unless it is driven by a click-worthy email subject lines. The reverse is also true. If you hook your subscribers in with an irresistible subject line and show them poorly executed or uninspiring content when they open your email, it will be a big turn off. Your chances of getting the same subscribers to open your future emails will be slim. Brand reputation is crucial to maintain and producing engaging content plays a big part in building a good reputation.

Email subject lines and marketing content need to work well in tandem and should receive the same level of attention in the optimisation process. Enchant has compiled 5 examples of click-worthy email subject lines and snackable content from brands who know how to keep their subscribers engaged with their email marketing content:

Mr Hyde (ShortList Media)

Mr Hyde is the regular email content for those signed up to ShortList magazine’s subscriber list. The freezine and online magazine is aimed at aspirational male businessmen, who are mindful of style, grooming, pop culture and dining out.

The Mr Hyde content reflects the idea of keeping your finger on the pulse, being in the know and getting the latest openings and must-have content. Their emails act like bitesize packages of exclusive content that gets the reader to the buzz and trends before everyone else.

Their subject lines often use language that carries a must-have or don’t-miss-out type of message, followed by preheader text containing hype-filled phrases, such as “truly life-changing”, “awesome” or “epic”. Their preheader text often mentions promotions, like: “Plus, win festival tickets!”

Once Mr Hyde has you hooked and opening their emails, the content really delivers with vibrant visuals, neatly arranged and easy-to-read templates, and a whole range of snackable content for all needs. Check out an example below:

mr hyde email subject line

mr hyde meat map email

mr hyde meat map email part 2

The branding is memorable – in line with ShortList in-print and online branding – and there are clear CTA buttons for reading further articles and blog content, competitions and even video content. This is all enhanced with catchy sub-headers, Instagram-worthy images (especially their food-related content), quotes and links.

mr hyde meat map email part 3

Meantime Brewing Company

Meantime are another brand who are really good at creating multi-facetted, snackable email marketing content. They may not have the luxury of tapping into the range of topics that Mr Hyde can do, as essentially they are a beer brand, but they are innovative with their content and they are good at finding smart ways to tie in the subject of beer and brewing with other topics, whilst they are a company who are keen to collaborate with other companies in different industries. See an example below:

Meantime email subject line

Meantime newsletter

Their email content consists of storytelling about their brand and products, updates on their latest news and features, a promotional offering, and some video content. They love to network and do co-branded events and partnership initiatives, often with other breweries or food brands but sometimes just cool brands with no direct link to beer, such as this following collaborative project with Brompton bikes:

meantime beer and bike subject line

Meantime and brompton

Meantime pack their emails with a lot of different browseable and clickable content to be consumed, but their collaboration allows for co-branding, salient messaging and savvy ways of producing new products, which have a limited edition appeal and scope for storytelling marketing.


The main reason for choosing TimeOut is for their clever and click-worthy subject lines. Like Mr Hyde, TimeOut produces engaging snackable content, which mainly comes from their weekly magazine articles, film/music reviews and must-see timely events and exhibitions. There are lots of click-through opportunities to content on their website, plus giveaways and offers – they also send out separate TimeOut Offers email content – but it is their subject lines that are really impressive.

Here are a few examples, which demonstrate the wordplay and pop-culture references that make their emails irresistible. This is followed by an email example from TimeOut London that shows off their excellent consumable content:

timeout email subject line 99 problems

timeout email subject line hometimeout email subject line pasta

timeout email home art part 1

timeout email home part 2

timeout email home part 3

Cancer Research UK

Charities are well positioned for building good customer relationships with their subscribers, not only because they have strong messages to convey – as their worthy causes often evoke emotional responses from their recipients – but also because there is a mindset involved about the fact that there is always more work to be done. This is reflected in most charity marketing messaging and also the recipient's conscience.

Cancer Research UK are one of several charities who are smart with their email marketing and deliver good hooks and personalisation in their email subject lines. They present their content in a way that has several strands of intention. Their content educates the subscriber, updates them on newsworthy events and stories, and encourages them to continue with the good work they have started, whether it is with regular ongoing donations, increased donation amounts or fundraising activities. Here is an example of Cancer Research's email marketing content:

cancer research uk email subject line

cancer research email new year part 1

cancer research new year part 2


Multi-purpose venues like Camden’s Roundhouse need to promote their activities to maximise their potential, fully utilise their resources and boost their profile for sponsors and partners.

Primarily a music venue, some of the gigs and the hi-profile bands playing at their venue will sell themselves, but there are 365 days per year and not all their nights will host big-name bands. The venue has club nights, offers dining opportunities, and boasts a roof terrace bar and other facilities, so their email marketing content is crucial for maximising revenue. Also, the faster their tickets sell for high-profile bands, the greater the potential for these top bands to add extra nights to cater for the high demand - this has become quite common for London venues like the Roundhouse.

Here is an example of the click-worthy email subject lines from the Roundhouse marketing team (this one including emojis to boost visual impact and increase open rates), followed by some of their well-balanced and snackable content and personalisation demonstrated in their email templates:

roundhouse camden beach email subject line

roundhouse camden beach email part 1

roundhouse camden beach email part 2

roundhouse camden beach email part 3


It's a combined effort of engagement tactics that really deliver impact. If you can make sure your content is easy to read and browse, and pack it with multiple CTAs and eye-catching images – which are relevant and engaging – then you have done half the job. Optimised and carefully conceived click-worthy email subject lines and preheader text will increase those crucial open rates that unlock the key to customer engagement with your powerful email marketing content.

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