4 Tips for Serving Relevant Content to Your Email Marketing Subscribers

Posted by Rowland Marsh on 18/11/16 11:03
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Relevant email marketing content

Email relevance in marketing is about targeting customers with content and messages which fit their needs, challenges and behaviours. Email marketing can achieve massive ROI for businesses, because it's a channel you truly own. Successful brands focus on relevancy in email marketing to build lasting customer relationships.

We've outlined 4 top tips for serving relevant content to your email marketing subscribers:

Map out the touchpoints of your customer lifecycle

The key to good email marketing engagement is delivering relevant and exciting content to your subscribers and sending emails at the right times. The most effective way to do this is to create a customer-centric strategy. Think of your brand message and interactions from the customer’s perspective. By mapping out the touchpoints (engagement opportunities) of the customer lifecycle – taking into account seasonal and behavioural triggers – you'll ensure you're delivering relevant emails at the right times.

Implement email marketing automation

This process can be significantly enhanced by implementing email marketing automation. Automated solutions are the most efficient way to set up email workflows and trigger-based messages, which target segments of your subscriber list with content tailored to them. There are lots of affordable platforms and solutions that can suit businesses of all sizes, and the level of automation and frequency is in the hands of the marketer.

Find out more about email automation by reading our blog about getting started with email marketing automation.

Request customer feedback and gain deeper insights

The sophistication and effectiveness of your targeted emails will increase, as you garner more insights about your customers. Throughout customer journeys, from initial sign-up stage to win-back strategies for the least engaged subscribers in your email database, you need to be gaining insights about your subscribers. Pooling your insights from response data, customer feedback and preferences, and your interactions with subscribers, will help you refine and optimise your email content and target customers more effectively.

Read more about customer insights, with this handy blog: 4 Consumer Browsing Insights to Help You Increase Conversions.

Create an email marketing reactivation strategy

By monitoring engagement rates from your subscriber list, you'll be able to pinpoint your least engaged or lapsed subscribers. Why are they not opening or engaging with your emails? Implementing a customer reactivation strategy is the best way to find out the answers and make adjustments to deliver more relevant messages to these sleepy subscribers – or even eliminate them from your subscriber list if they still don’t respond.

A reengagement strategy should work alongside your core email marketing strategy, connecting to your customer lifecycle, with the objective of turning disengaged subscribers into active customers.

Wrap up

Relevant email marketing content is key to creating customer engagement and brand loyalty, as subscribers trust your marketing emails as a source of interest to them, as it's tailored to their needs and desires. We hope our tips help you to improve your email marketing strategy, making it more customer-focused, relevant and targeted.

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Rowland Marsh

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