4 Tips for Creating Engaging Paid Social Ads

Posted by Philip Storey on 25/11/16 14:39
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Businesses are increasingly realising the importance of using paid social as a key way to increase marketing conversions and revenues. Social media marketers are therefore under pressure to deliver effective paid social campaigns to justify the spend and resources. You need to ensure your targeted ads are compelling and hit the right note with your prospects.

We've given you a helping hand with 4 top tips for creating engaging paid social ads:

Make your ads less like ads

If you've an integrated and customer-centric marketing strategy in place, you'll realise the importance of focusing content on your customer needs, putting them before your business goals. This helps to soften your marketing tone and create an emotional connection with your audience. Just because you're using sponsored content to target your audience, it doesn’t mean your content has to feel like advertising.

Add your brand’s character to your copy and make your paid social ads inviting and inquisitive. See the following example from Wag!:

Facebook ads Wag dog walkers app


Keep up with new social channel updates for business

Social media channels, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest, are making it easier for marketers to create engaging paid campaigns. They've all made recent changes to their functionality and loosened their restrictions to give more scope and control to business account users. Consider Promoted Pins for Pinterest, use Facebook’s Campaign Planner (for better planning and collaboration on Facebook campaigns) and see how Twitter’s recent changes impact social media marketers. Also, read our handy blog on the reasons to add Instagram to your marketing mix.

Use visual content to create impact

As well as giving more control and capabilities to business users, the big social networks have increased the scope of what can be achieved with paid social ads in terms of visual impact.

Making your content visually engaging is no longer just about using appealing photographs and creating great images for ads –things have moved on! Video content and Canvas ads are just a couple of the dynamic eye-catching options available to marketers on many of the major social channels.

Check out this innovative use of carousel ads on Facebook, from Tieks.

Tieks Facebook carousel ad

And here is Burberry utilising the immersive browsing experience that Facebook Canvas ads offer:

Burberry Facebook canvas ad social

Invest more time in split testing ads

Creating engaging paid social ads is not all about the bells and whistles, as a large part of success is in the testing process. Your marketing and creative teams may have the knowledge and expertise to put together ad campaigns that feel right for your brand messaging and product/service offering, but without getting the data and insights to back it up, too much is down to guesswork.

You need to have a culture of testing, refining and optimising in your ads. Robust split testing is key to finding out what your audience connects with best and the results might surprise you. But these insights will allow you to make tweaks in your copy, visuals or targeting to increase conversions in your campaigns and your future paid social strategies.


These social media tips should set you on the right path to making your paid social ads more engaging and get the most impact and ROI out of your campaigns.

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