4 Tips for Boosting Conversions with Cart Abandonment Emails

Posted by Philip Storey on 14/10/16 12:42
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Cart abandonment messages are fairly commonplace quick wins in email marketing, but getting it right can make the difference between a small lift in conversions and a significant boost to your average conversion rate.

We've outlined 4 top tips for increasing conversions with cart abandonment emails:

1. Keep customers in the buying mode

The main aim of cart abandonment emails is to give subscribers a nudge back towards the checkout. The emails are triggers to remind them about the products they added to their basket, but didn't go on to the payment stage of the process. There can be various reasons for cart abandonment, such as time, cost, connectivity, distraction – to name a few – but it's key to keep these potential customers in the buying mode.

2. Maintain momentum with prompt email engagements

It's likely you've received cart abandonment emails from brands in the days after browsing a website and adding products to a shopping cart – without going to the payment stage – but how many times have you gone back to the site to purchase the products in your abandoned baskets? Probably not that often, as after a few days you've probably moved on or made purchases elsewhere.

Effective email marketing is about maintaining momentum. Get your emails in early. Consider a same-day trigger to automate emails to remind browsers of the items in their abandoned carts. Or even a series of emails (within an hour, 24 hours, and so on) aimed at keeping potential customers engaged and encouraging them to return to the site to make a purchase.

NOTE: Make sure your workflows are set up correctly to avoid sending further emails to customers who've converted after receiving previous cart abandonment emails.

3. Use incentives to encourage conversions

Simply nudging and reminding subscribers about their abandoned carts may not be enough to prompt a conversion. It's worth trying to encourage them further with incentives. You can use email automation to drive offers on certain products, according to cart abandonment triggers. If the reason for a customer not converting was down to cost, the discount offer could be enough to convince the customer to convert. Be smart and find ways to drive customers back to purchasing your products.

4. Go the extra mile and optimise emails

Be creative with your cart abandonment emails and look to optimise them. Do A/B testing on your email series, trialing different language, persuasion tactics, tone of voice and timings. Try asking for feedback from customers, to get an idea of the reasons for them abandoning online shopping baskets. This will help build your insights and refine the way you engage with these customers and improve their customer experience.

Going the extra mile can make a big difference to your conversion rates. See the following infographic from Smart Insights about the potential impact that can be achieved with cart abandonment email strategies.

Cart abandonment infographic smart insights


These tips should help you boost your conversion rate with cart abandonment emails and build a workflow of effective trigger-based emails, through marketing automation, to persuade customers to convert, rather than letting them slip through the net.

Cart abandonment emails are just one of the key engagement opportunities within the customer lifecycle, to interact with subscribers and nurture them. I recently spoke at BrightonSEO on the subject. Why not download the slides from my talk on How to Revolutionise the Customer Lifecycle with Email Marketing and start making waves with email!

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Philip Storey

Written by Philip Storey

Philip Storey is the Founder and CEO at Enchant Agency. Philip is an email marketing specialist in London, UK. He has enabled hundreds of brands to improve their email marketing. Beyond marketing, Philip is a business coach, personal and professional development coach and mentor to business leaders and senior marketers.

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