Apple Touch Bar: How Will it Impact Social Media Marketing?

Posted by Rowland Marsh on 31/10/16 16:17
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Apple Macbook Pro Touch Bar feature

As with most Apple conferences or product launches, there was the usual feverish anticipation, dramatic presentations and statements of grandeur during the computing giant’s recent announcements. However, amidst the hype, with the unveiling of Apple’s innovative Touch Bar feature for the new MacBook Pro, there was genuine wow factor.

Enchant looks at the 3 ways that Apple’s Touch Bar will impact social media marketing:

Instant emojis at your fingertips

Apple Touch Bar emojis feature

For the first time ever, the keyboard and emojis have become one interface, enabling people to write seamlessly in either emojis or text, without the need to think between the two formats. This will make interactions between brands and consumers more alive and personable than ever before. In social media, emojis are now so common place and instinctive responses for users, it is a natural progression for marketers to be able insert emojis into marketing posts just as easily text characters – especially as they are now key triggers for engagement.

Easy curation of visuals for social posts

Apple touch bar content curation

Apple has not replaced function keys with the Touch Bar, but has instead enabled a host of one-touch smart features by utilising the space previously taken up the keys. You can still revert to the function keys via the Touch Bar itself. During the new MacBook Pro launch pre-ample for the Touch Bar’s unveiling, a video montage presented the function keys as archaic but necessary – hence the need for this new innovation.

The Apple Touch Bar has an array of multi-functional features and one of them, which will excite designers and marketers, is the ability to edit images and videos using from within the Touch Bar. Editing, cropping and enhancing of visuals is enabled with slider, tap and pinch capabilities – like on smart phones and tablets – making content creation for social post a much smoother and efficient process on MacBook.

Quicker payment with Touch ID

Social commerce is set to boom in 2017, and now that Apple Pay has arrived on a laptop for the first time, your customers will be able to buy from your social ads, simply by tapping their finger. This is probably the only payment format that surpasses the speed of Amazon's one-click checkout. It will revolutionise the way we buy from companies, but the greatest area of impact will be in paid social, where it won't even be necessary to visit the brand's website – as you'll be able to buy directly from the ad. Apple Touch Bar signals the way forward for ecommerce.



So, Apple have raised the bar again for technology and innovation. The new MacBook Pro, with its Touch Bar functionality, is the new game-changer for lightweight notebooks, combining enhanced creative capabilities, practicality and innovative technology. The impact for social media marketing is time-saving tools and increased scope for content curation and responsiveness, which is crucial for busy marketers.

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