3 Tips for Horrifyingly Engaging Halloween Email Marketing Campaigns

Posted by Sarah Perrin on 30/10/15 11:17

Tips for creating effective email marketing campaigns for Halloween

Year on year, Halloween continues to jump on unsuspecting UK consumers with a BOOO! Halloween has now replaced Valentine’s Day as the third biggest retail event in the UK with Brits predicted to spend between £300-£400 million on Halloween-themed items this year. That's massive. For retailers such as supermarkets, this means selling 3 million pumpkins and an astonishing 33% increase when compared to 2014. Rather ghoulishly, since 2001, the sale of fake blood and pumpkins has jumped by 3000%. With this in mind, here are 3 scary but simple tips to inspire your Halloween email marketing.

Create eerie subject lines

Don't just follow the crowd with "frightening deals". You need to get creative and think about what will draw your subscribers in and set a different tone for Halloween that sets you apart. Keep both your tone and voice on brand, but don’t forget that Halloween is a great time to show the playful side of your brand personality.

Get creative with your email design

Don’t be afraid of the dark! Mix up eye-catching images, colour schemes and fonts on your landing pages. Making a few simple but impactful changes to your design templates can go a long way to setting a dark and twisty scene over Halloween.

Start early and get ahead of the competition

Starting early in October gives you the opportunity to get ahead of your competitors. It also gives you more creative flexibility. How about a Halloween contest month or dropping snappy and scary teaser emails to entice your subscribers? You don't have to wait until Halloween to get all Halloween with your subscribers... An early start will also give you the chance to put your ear to the ground to hear what’s trending and what’s actually working, before the big day. That insight could be invaluable.

Take a look at a few of these great email examples from top brands like Stella McCartney, Matalan, Fortnum & Mason and Accessorize for more inspiration, over on Philip Storey's Pinterest.

Here's a selection of Halloween-inspired email marketing:


Fortnum and Mason Halloween Email Marketing



Stella McCartney Email Marketing



Matalan Halloween Email


Wrap up

Halloween really is a time for marketers to be creative and a little daring. Consumers will expect their favourite brands to be inventive and won't mind the odd surprise! Make sure you create some fiendishly fun Halloween campaigns, which really stand out and compel customers to convert! 

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Sarah Perrin

Written by Sarah Perrin

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