3 Ways to Use Storytelling in Social Media Marketing

Written by Philip Storey
5 Minute Read

We're big advocates of storytelling. Whether it's behind-the-scenes happenings or something that displays emotion and brand character, this approach is crucial for cutting through the noise, being genuine and showing the world who your company really is at the heart.

With brands, personalities, influencers and everyday people increasingly choosing to use Stories on Instagram, Facebook has now added Stories to its media mix to encourage a different way for people to share with friends. We discuss the move and how Stories indicates the type of content that brands will be focusing on with their social media marketing going forward.

Reward your audience

Short-form video content, such as Stories, is a great way to connect with your audience in a fresh new way, offering a snapshot of the people behind your brand through visual storytelling. Instagram and Snapchat Stories are so popular because of the "in-the-moment" feel of the content. It's a consumer-influenced media format and Stories are often fun and authentic, capturing moments that get users closer to brands and personalities than ever before.

Here's an example from Tottenham Hotspur Football Club's "Spurs Official" Instagram Stories below, where fans get to see "day-in-the-life" content with the addition of playful captions, stickers and emojis:

Provide exclusive and timely content

Stories have a real-time, no-frills and genuine tone of communication. Brands are sharing exclusive insights into their events, their people or even a first-look of new products. It’s time-specific content too, as the content expires after a short time, further adding exclusivity and encouraging followers to stay in-tune each day. It's a great way to make your brand a daily check-in for followers. Take a look at Planet Organic – they're a good example of a brand who do this well through Instagram. 

Beer brands, such as Meantime, are effective at offering exclusive content through their Stories – check out these examples below:

Escape the algorithm

Another advantage for marketers using Stories to connect with users, especially on Facebook and Instagram, is due to the content (currently) sitting outside of the restricted-reach of news feeds and the algorithms that prevent much of your organic content from being seen. They appear in chronological order outside of the news feed and can be accessed when the user chooses to view the content.

On Snapchat, Stories have evolved and recently the channel announced they’ve made the content format searchable to users. This indicates both Snapchat’s attempt to stay ahead of the curve and the growing relevance and importance of Stories as a marketing tool.

Wrap up

Facebook has made big moves on the instant visual content front, due to the success that Instagram and Snapchat have enjoyed. As user trends continue to change, Stories content is now a key focus for marketers looking for new ways to connect with their audience. Whether you use Stories for how-to demos, behind-the-scenes content or exclusive news and offers, the format is a key engagement opportunity for brands.

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