3 Key Mobile-Influenced Social Media Marketing Trends

Posted by Rowland Marsh on 09/12/16 09:46
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3 mobile-Influenced social media trends

If you take a moment to stop and look at the people around you, you'll notice a whole host of smartphone browsers on the move. We've become a head-down generation and we pound the streets with a stooping posture, checking our social media channels on our phones as we head from A to B. It’s no wonder that new trends are emerging based on the influence of our mobile content consumption.

Here we outline 3 key social media marketing trends influenced by mobile:

Retailers targeting smart browsers

Move over millennials, Generation Z is here! These naturally digital-savvy consumers are increasingly comfortable carrying out purchases and consuming all manner of content via their smartphones and mobile devices. Netflix has moved to allow their customers to download films and shows to their devices, to watch offline, keeping them engaged with their brand for longer.

Social media channels have also taken notice and networks such as Instagram and Pinterest have changed their capabilities for business, allowing customers to buy products directly from their channels. Generation Z is keen on instant interaction and visual content sharing. Expect more advertising via Facebook Messenger and other channels where ads come into the social media space.

Read more about the browsing behaviours of Generation Z with our blog: 5 Ways Retailers Can Connect with Generation Z Through Social Media.

Video marketing continuing to grow

Snapchat spectacles social media trends

The impact of video content on social media is snowballing and brands are embracing the latest trends, such as live video broadcasting, explainer videos and storytelling marketing. Periscope, Facebook Live and Stories are widely used by brands, sports stars and broadcasters, musicians and events marketers. If there was any doubt about the ongoing growth of video marketing, the buzz around Snapchat Spectacles confirmed the future is bright.

This graphic from Facebook IQ highlights the predicted growth of video content on mobile:

Facebook video content on mobile

If 75% of mobile data traffic will be video by 2020, it's time to get your video strategy rolled out. Read more about using live video for social media in our following blog: Why Live Video is Crucial for Your Social Media Marketing Strategy.

More direct calls to action

The success stories of Uber and Deliveroo are just a couple of examples of how modern mobile consumers want to be able to order a reliable service with great customer experience, which is quick and easy to achieve via smart phones and mobile devices. 


Facebook’s recent changes to their business pages brought brand calls to action more to the attention of users, which fits with the quick route to purchase that modern mobile customers demand.

Wrap up

Like it or not, consumer browsing behaviours and patterns demand marketers deliver shorter and sharper content to meet the needs of a generation with a shorter attention-span and a more instant need for solutions and the ability to make transactions via mobile devices. Visual impact, video content and fewer clicks to purchase are the key social media marketing trends for 2017.

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Rowland Marsh

Written by Rowland Marsh

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