21 Amazing Examples of Emojis in Email Marketing

Posted by Philip Storey on 01/11/16 13:54
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Emojis in email marketing subject lines

Emojis are no longer a fad, but a new form of digital language. They've become ingrained in our culture and are now part of everyday communication. It's not just on social media channels where they play a key role in engagement, but across all digital channels.

If you needed any further convincing, look no further than Apple’s new Touch Bar for MacBook Pro, where you can now insert emojis into any content without pausing for thought. To give marketers some inspiration for emoji usage, we've compiled 21 amazing examples of emojis in email marketing:

Seasonal emojis

Are you utilising emojis in your Christmas email marketing subject lines? Seasonal triggers are crucial engagement opportunities for email marketers. Emojis are an effective way to visually boost seasonal content and encourage subscribers to open your emails. Here are some great examples of Christmas emojis and festive subject lines, from WeGotTickets and ASOS:

We got tickets xmas emoji in email subject line example

Asos emoji in email subject line example christmas

Asos emoji in email subject line example 20 percent

Asos Asos emoji in email subject line example 30 percent off

Asos emoji in email subject line example 50 percent off


Get some great Christmas email marketing ideas with this handy blog: 5 festive tips to boost your Christmas email marketing campaigns.

Halloween is an ideal time for using emojis in email subject lines as it's a seasonal event where decoration, costumes and creativity are in full flow. Below are some spooky subject lines for Halloween from Time Out London, Queen of Hoxton and WeGotTickets:

Time out london emojis in email subject line boo

queen of hoxton emojis in email subject lines

We got tickets halloween emoji in email subject line


Utilise Halloween emojis to enhance your email subject lines!

Enhancing relevance

Relevant emojis are a great way to enhance your email subject lines, by standing out from the inbox and delivering visual impact to help engage subscribers with your offers. Check out this selection of savvy subject lines containing of emojis, from brands such as Meantime Brewing Company, Pizza GoGo, Hotels.com and the Roundhouse:

Meantime beer glass emoji in subject line

Pizza gogo weather offer emoji in email subject line

Pizza gogo 2for1 offer emoji in email subject line

hotels.com uk lightning deals emojis in email subject lines

Roundhouse venue camden beach emojis in email subject line


Finally, see this table below, compiled by Campaign Master, which shows some more great ways to utilise the visual impact and relevance of emojis in email marketing subject lines:

Campaign master emojis in subject lines examples

Wrapping up

If you're not using emojis in your email marketing, you're missing a trick! Emojis can significantly increase open rates when added to email subject lines. Think about suitable and clever ways to add emojis into your marketing mix, especially in subject lines.

If you want to find out more about optimising your subject lines, download our Ultimate Guide to Writing Email Marketing Subject Lines and get inspired!

Download Ultimate Subject Lines Guide

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