Successful Email Marketing: Why Your Business Needs It

Posted by Ash Salleh on 26/07/19 09:59
Ash Salleh


Apple and Amazon first set up shop in their founder’s garages. A young man was frustrated with the steep cost of hiring a private driver after a party, leading to the creation of Uber. Starbucks exists because three students began selling high-quality coffee beans to local coffee shops. Great enterprises, the ones that we think always had it in them, are many times borne out of everyday ideas and grown through hard work—and sustained by relevant and effective marketing strategies. 

In recent years, all four of the above companies took to email marketing to ensure that their brand gets the attention it deserves, and more. But why should they bother with emails when it seems like could be successful without it? Contrary to popular opinion, email marketing has the ability to truly reach customers and keep them—and does so better than any other available digital marketing tools. 

Customer retention

The two most popular marketing tools these days—social media marketing and email marketing—are geared towards expanding one’s customer base online. 

However, unlike social media posts, emails carry with them a more personal dimension. Conversational text that addresses readers by their names can build a stronger connection compared to a cryptic and colorful Instagram photo about a company’s latest promotion. 

Customer loyalty is usually ignited with a welcome email (and sometimes a small gift), followed by other emails saying hello on birthdays and holidays. Most companies also keep in mind their customers’ preferences and purchases and provide them with useful and customised updates on a regular basis.

Once your readers are hooked, they begin to look forward to hearing from you, increasing your chances for your emails to get opened and read more and more. Chances are, they will also share your promotions with other people, as well.

Below is an email following-up about an abandoned cart. If you notice, not only does the company nudge the buyer to check-out so, the owner himself invites the buyer to a conversation.

Niche businesses have a huge opportunity in this regard, as their customers are usually very passionate and willing to have a dialogue with someone from the company.

The devil is in the data

Email campaigns, when done for a good amount of time, can help a company identify trends and opportunities. To give you an idea of this year’s email marketing landscape, Campaign Monitor crunched some numbers with the Ultimate Email Marketing Benchmarks for 2019 and provides tips on how to catch your customers’ attention.

By understanding industry-wide metrics, companies will be better equipped in designing their email marketing strategy and improving their individual rates, consequently driving more conversions.

However, not all data is useful, and companies must learn to sift through large volumes of information to get what they need. Without the ability to identify which data is important, companies will lose precious time over-analyzing data sets that are better off in the recycle bin. 

Famous data scientist Peter Huber identified the following useful steps in data analysis:

  • Inspection
  • Error checking
  • Modification
  • Comparison
  • Modeling and model fitting
  • Simulation
  • What-if analyses
  • Interpretation
  • Presentation of conclusion

Armed with the knowledge that not all customers want to receive the same emails as everyone else, you can then proceed in identifying the messages that work best for specific customer segments. Always remember that data is your key to personalizing your emails even more.

In addition, data can also be used to show customers and readers that a company cares about them. Check out this email campaign from DavidsTea, and how they packaged data to make each of their customers feel special.

David's Tea Email marketing anniversary example

Brand building

Small businesses can use email marketing to create a brand that sets them apart from everybody else. Your main proposition or even your company can be promoted through a combination of colors, fonts, and messaging techniques integrated into a long-term, immersive campaign. Be verbose or focus on the visuals. Up the ante on interactivity or keep it sleek and simple. Whatever it is, be sure it sticks.

Once you have identified your company’s personality, build trust by letting your customers know you have the expertise on your product. When you know your business and your audience, you will know what works best. There really is no right or wrong, but there will always be a better way to maximise your profits and make your mark.

Here’s how Casper introduces its brand to first-time subscribers. Everybody loves a good night’s sleep, but Casper takes it further by telling their customers that they offer the best sleep possible through the help of their dedicated R&D team.

Casper email marketing example

Value for money

Speaking of profits, a successful email marketing campaign has the potential to bring in the cash you need for your next big idea. You may be getting good money out of your existing marketing tools, but wait until you see how much email marketing campaigns can give you. 

For small businesses, a TV commercial is not really an economical way to spend their resources. Meanwhile, big companies can readily reach out to their huge customer base through emails. How does it offer the best bang for the buck?  Last year, Campaign Monitor crowned email marketing as the king of the marketing world after learning that for every $1 spent on email marketing, a company typically reaps $44 in return.


Use a template

Using a template doesn't just make your life easy. It also ensures that your contents look nice and easy to read. Most email marketing platforms come equipped with templates that you can use but you can always come up with your own. If you choose to make your own template, it's best to work with a graphic designer for a professional-looking campaign layout.

Resend your email campaigns

Using a template doesn't just make your life easy. It also ensures that your contents look nice and easy to read. Most email marketing platforms come equipped with templates that you can use but you can always come up with your own. If you choose to make your own template, it's best to work with a graphic designer for a professional-looking campaign layout.

Wrap up

There really is no question when it comes to the benefits of running an email marketing campaign. From capturing and retaining your customer’s attention and making sure you keep your brand, to understanding what the data holds for you, an email marketing strategy can bring opportunities that other marketing tools do not offer. You may be alone in your shop, have 2-3 person staff, or manage teams of employees—the uses of email marketing cut across all types of businesses.

However, your campaign’s fine print will also determine whether it will be successful or not. A quick tip you should remember: most of today’s successful email marketing campaigns revolve around one word—personalization.

We highly recommend implementing a strategic split testing process. This will help you to evaluate the success of your personalisation tactics. Get our handy Email Marketing Split Testing Planner and start optimising your email marketing campaigns.

Download Email Split Testing Planner

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Ash Salleh

Written by Ash Salleh

Ash Salleh is the Director of SEO at Campaign Monitor, where he works closely with content, copy, and analytics teams to improve site-wide optimization. Prior to his time at Campaign Monitor, he also provided SEO and digital marketing expertise at Zappos and Axiata Digital. You can find him on Gravatar.

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