10 Tried & True Strategies for Your Email Marketing Campaign

Posted by Nelly on 17/07/19 13:34


Email marketing remains to be a powerful tool for promoting a business. Basically, this strategy involves the use of email to market products and services and build relationships with potential customers. With billions of people who have active email accounts, there’s no reason why marketers and businesses should not utilise this approach to increase their revenues.
But just like all other segments of digital marketing, you need to have a fool-proof strategy in order to succeed in email marketing.

Here are 10 tried-and-tested strategies to maximise the results of your email marketing plan:

Build a strong subscription

Of course, you need to get email subscribers. Not just email subscribers but those who are actually interested to know more about your products or services. How do you do that? Start by creating a compelling offer. What can people get if they sign up to your email subscription? Additional tips to build a strong subscription is to make subscribing easy for your potential customers (minimise the clicks it takes to subscribe) and invite people from social media.

Validate emails

After collecting emails, the next step is to make sure that they are correct so your subscribers get your message. This is where email validation comes in. About 40% of email addresses are changed each year. Keeping your mailing list updated with active accounts is a must to ensure a higher deliverability rate, open rate, and sender score, as well as a lower bounce rate. All these factors affect your potential sales.

Think about great content

Email marketing works best when you incorporate valuable contents that help people solve their problems. With these, you are establishing your authority or expertise over your niche. Email campaigns are not just about product updates, sales offers, and the like. You should also give subscribers a little more control over the kinds of campaigns they receive. This means asking them if what and when they would want to get emails from you. Remember that it’s better to have fewer subscribers who are engaged than to have many subscribers who don’t read your emails.

Personalize your campaigns

Personalization is an important technique to build a relationship with your customers or potential customers. Personalizing emails by simply using the subscriber’s first name is not enough and could be more harmful sometimes. What seems to work, according to research, is product personalization. The study shows that emails directing customers to products that their past purchasing patterns suggest they will like have higher response rates.

Make your emails mobile-friendly

Did you know that nearly half of people use a mobile device (47%) to access their inbox? So what happens when you send your campaign but it is designed to be opened using a desktop computer? Your subscribers won’t read it. Thankfully, there are email marketing tools and platforms that let you create campaigns with both PC and mobile versions.

Know when to send email 

It’s not just what you send. It’s also when you send your campaigns that predict a successful outcome. Statistics show that emails sent between 8 pm and 12 am don’t just tend to have a higher open rate but also more clickthrough and sales. Furthermore, the best day to send emails is Tuesday. If you choose to send two emails in a week, send the other one on a Thursday. Wednesday is also considered a great time to schedule email campaigns.

Give something away

Whether it’s a product sample, a freebie, or a special prize, consumers love to receive something for free. In a report that looked into what types of email campaigns have the highest open rate and clickthrough, emails that give customer freebies are what work best. Additionally, you can run a contest to grow your email list and get more engagement from your subscribers. Some popular activities are photo or video contests, event-based contests (e.g. Mother’s Day, Valentine’s, 4th of July), and “Pick a Prize” contests.

Learn marketing segmentation

Suppose you have 10,000 subscribers. Most likely, they have varying interests. This means that the content you will provide may appeal to others and may not appeal to the rest. Segmenting your email list is a great way to boost the open rate of your campaigns. You can’t satisfy all your subscribers with just a single kind of content. There are tools and software that let you segment your email list.

Use a template

Using a template doesn't just make your life easy. It also ensures that your contents look nice and easy to read. Most email marketing platforms come equipped with templates that you can use but you can always come up with your own. If you choose to make your own template, it's best to work with a graphic designer for a professional-looking campaign layout.

Resend your email campaigns

Using a template doesn't just make your life easy. It also ensures that your contents look nice and easy to read. Most email marketing platforms come equipped with templates that you can use but you can always come up with your own. If you choose to make your own template, it's best to work with a graphic designer for a professional-looking campaign layout.


Emails are among the most powerful sources of information for B2B audiences. And most B2B marketers will agree that email marketing is the most effective channel in terms of revenue generation. Even for B2C marketing, emails are extremely effective too (30% of consumers who subscribe to an email list from a company are likely to make a purchase with them).

However, to be successful in email marketing, you need to have a solid strategy. There are so many techniques that you can implement in your campaigns but these are so far the most effective. It all starts with building an email list of people who are interested to know about your products or service and then validating their email addresses. Once everything is set up, you can now focus on creating unique, value-driven contents that are presented in an attractive and professional way.

We highly recommend implementing a strategic split testing process. This will help you to evaluate the success of your personalisation tactics. Get our handy Email Marketing Split Testing Planner and start optimising your email marketing campaigns.

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